Factory Life


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Factory life

#1.The average work day was 12-14 hours however it could reach up to 19 hours per day

#2.Factories were pearly lit and heated.

#3.Machinery was very dangerous due to moving parts that laborers had to maneuver through(high death rate).

#4.Children brutally whipped,often In a whipping room

#5.Wages were exceptionally low especially for the number of hours worked per day

__________women right_________

The women deserve the right to speak their mind and celebrate their accomplishment 365 days a year they must use every esset that is their fingertips specially technology to express their free speech and stand up for what they believe in there is no greater pillar of stability than a strong free and educated woman and there is no more inspiring role model than a man who respects and cherishes woman and champions their leadership

That's why I think the woman are as free as man in whatever reason even in man jobs

So to every woman out there who has ever been assaulted they will never be alone we've got your back

I've got your back!.