Mrs. Stahl's Class

December 18, 2015

This week...

WoW!!! What a week of higher level thinking! This is a tough week for teachers and students. We are pushing the quarter to a close, pushing assessments on students, grades need to be inserted into the computer, and we still want it to be fun for kids, because let's face it, they are still kids! I have pushed your child this week and they have performed for me like I have asked. We have had a few crazy moments and giggle moments, but they knew when to get back down to business. We had five major assessments this week. Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. McClain and I walked through all of these assessments with your child, so Friday is a day of relaxation, sharing projects and stories...I can't wait for them to be able to breathe and relax.

Mrs. Bailey and I are VERY proud of their Text Structure Magazine Article projects. They finally finished! We are laminating their covers today so they will look professional! They worked so hard on their covers was a proud moment for us. I can't wait for you to see them! They will be on display in our hallway for a little bit, since we wanted to show off our hard work and owning our learning.

Just an FYI, I do random Chrome book checks to make sure that your child is on appropriate websites at school. The biggest thing is YouTube. It sucks up our bandwidth terribly, and as none of my kids have looked at anything besides music videos, the district is asking students to not go on this site. Another HUGE issue that I want to bring to your attention is logging in at home. If your child is using their Google account at home, that is fine, but PLEASE have them log out! Your child will be "accused and questioned" for anything found on their history. For example, I had to question a student that they were not sneaking their Chrome book home after I checked the cart at night, because his history said he was on at 11:00 pm and at 6:30 am on Craigslist. Of course, he was looking at tractors, homes for sale and land. LOL!!! This is a child who NEVER does anything inappropriate, so we had a good laugh about it, but remember parents, there are EYES EVERYWHERE now. The district can see whatever you are searching for if you are using your child's school district Google login. Just an FYI for my parents!!! Isn't technology AMAZING and SCARY at the same time!!!???

Next week we dismiss early on Tuesday, so make sure your child knows where they are to go after school. I will not allow children to call parents during the school day. This became a problem on the last special day, even when they wrote this in their planners. Thanks for your understanding with this matter.

So, get your shopping done this weekend, relax, and get ready to enjoy your child for 2 weeks! They will have a Vacation Packet coming home on Tuesday. It is optional, and will be rewarded with a Free Homework Pass and a mini treat if completed and brought back January 5th. Hope you push your child to read over the break as well! We do not want to see all of our progress go down over a two week time....we want to go UP, UP, UP in 3rd quarter!!!

Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe, stay warm, and safe travels to Grandma's House, or wherever your travels take you. See you next year!!

With warm and fuzzy feelings,

Kristen Stahl