The Loss of Time

By: Jack Edwards

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The work's only found name is "Dry Eyes" and the artist is unknown.

The white surroundings and background, the contrast between the eye and the surroundings, the shading of the sand to make it appear as if it is moving, the position of the eye as well as where it is looking, the color choice of the eye, and the reflections in the eye are all elements of the picture that help to develop the theme and tone of the piece.

The tone of the piece is gloomy, serious and depressed. The primary visual element used in the picture to display this is contrast between the color of the hour glass and the surroundings of the eye. The contrast of color represents how time and aging moves independently from the rest of the world and how time passing is inevitable. The dark colors that were chosen for the eye assist in the gloomy tone by creating a serious and realistic image. The choice to drawl the eye looking at the reader and to include the reflections in the eye and the hour glass are all elements used to make the picture look realistic and better relate to the reader.

Thematic Statement- The image represents the passing of time in contrast with humans and aging as shown by the colored and detailed hour glass ticking down in the human's eye over a blank and empty background.