The Common Man

Andrew Jackson

Trail of Tears

The Trial of Tears was when the Cherokee were forced to walk 800 miles to Oklahoma. Andrew Jackson helped the Cherokee removal by ignoring the Supreme Courts ruling and moved them out of Georgia with the help of the US Military. Almost one fourth of the 18,000 Cherokees died on the walk. Andrew also moved them to help the west of the United States develop.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson didn't like the national bank because he thought that the only people that were getting anything out of it were the wealthier class. He also thought that it was unconstitutional. Because of this, when the National bank went back of renewal he used his presidential power and vetoed the bill. This will cause a big drop in the economy in the United States causing a depression.

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis is mainly about South Carolina's government trying to nullify the Tariff of 1832. Because of South Carolina's nullifying, Andrew Jackson got a bill passed called the Force Bill. This bill allowed Jackson to use the army to collect the tax from South Carolina or have a "war". South Carolina stopped the nullifying and a compromise was settled. The Compromise of 1833 Tariff lowered the tariff for the South.
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Political Cartoon

This " spoil system" was a bribing tool to help candidates get into office, by supporting them and voting. Andrew Jackson used this method by giving voters government positions. Many people thought that this system was fare, but some thought it wasn't. The "spoil system" is also why Andrew had many enemy's in his time has president.


Cherokee (Negative)

Andrew Jackson has been very unkind to my people. He has made us move out of homelands and forced us to become friends and live with enemy tribes. He did not follow through with the promises that he had made with use, and he didn't even obey the ruling of the supreme court. Now that the national bank is closing the United States will have an economic struggle. If we stayed, the lowered tariffs would had made us a lot money and we wouldn't have to live in little houses, but we have to start all over in Oklahoma, and it is all because of Andrew Jackson.

Plantation Owner (Positive)

I'm glad that those Natives left our land. They think that they are US citizen, and deserve to live here, but they don't. I can now get more land to farm more cotton on, And know with the lowered tariffs I can make tons of money. Andrew Jackson is on the right path for the US. His only mistake is closing the national bank. If he does that then we will all be in financial trouble.