Arizona FAF$A Challenge

December 2018

50% Goal

The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education is excited to announce that we are almost halfway to meeting our statewide 50% FAFSA completion goal for the 2018-2019 school year! As of November 30th, Arizona has a FAFSA completion rate of 24% among Arizona high school seniors. Let us keep up the positive momentum and we will be on our way to achieving our 50% goal. With the spring 2019 semester right around the corner, the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education encourages all high schools, districts, partner organizations, and Arizona as a whole to continue their FAFSA efforts.


The Arizona College Access Network and the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education have partnered to host a FREE FAFSA training webinar series for Winter 2018 and Spring 2019. These training's are geared toward school counselors and other college access professionals. This exciting line-up of webinars focus on new topics and Q&A sessions regarding all things FAFSA. Please click HERE to learn more about the upcoming webinars and access the registration links.

Most Innovative Player - November 2018

The Governor’s Office of Education and the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education are thrilled to award the November 2018 Most Innovative Player recognition to Washington High School! Washington High Schools' College and Career Specialist Debbie Lohr and rest of WHS team received state recognition for going above and beyond to increase your school’s FAFSA completion rate and ensure more Arizona students are equipped to pursue postsecondary enrollment.With Washington High School's continued efforts, we look forward to watching their FAFSA completion rate grow throughout the school year! Thank you to Washington High School for an amazing job well done!

December 2018 Most Innovative Player Nominations are now being accepted! Click here to nominate your school! Contact Us

Washington High School's Best Practices

Personalized Communication:

Debbie Lohr, College and Career Specialist at Washington High School, utilizes FAF$A Finish Line data to send personalized e-mails to students regarding their FAFSA completion status. For example: if students are missing a parent signature, she sends an e-mail to the student informing them that their parent signature is needed to complete their application as well as directions on how the parent can submit their signature by using their parent FSA ID or submitting a signature page.

Marketing and Promotion:

Their DECA (a club for business, marketing and management students in high school) and marketing students at Washington High School were recruited to create videos that would promote FAFSA and college-going events on campus. The videos are aired during the Monday morning announcements so that all students and staff are aware of the exciting upcoming events. Click below to view some of the innovative videos that they have created.

WHS-2018 FAFSA Night Promotion Video

WHS-2018 College Night Promotion Video

Family FAFSA Events:

Keeping family work schedules in mind, Washington High School organizes FAFSA and college-going campus events after school, and early morning on late start days. Washington High School also provides dinner and childcare at many of their evening events so that students can make it a family experience without their parents having to worry about childcare or planning dinner after the event.

Arizona FAF$A Challenge Dashboard and Data

Every Monday, the latest FAFSA completion data is updated and available on the dashboard and can be found here: Schools are able to view their FAFSA completion rates year to date, track their progress on a weekly basis, and compare their progress with the FAFSA completion rates of other high schools within the State.

The top 5 schools leading the way in FAFSA completion within the state of Arizona, are also displayed on the website, under the challenges tab. Check to see if your school is leading the way!

Social Media Contest

Attention! Are you up to date on all the latest FAFSA news & trends? If not, our social media is loaded with great information, resources, and even best practices! As a way to celebrate the upcoming new year, the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education will be promoting a social media giveaway! The rules are simple:

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Once we reach 200 followers we will give away prizes to 2 lucky winners!