Cognitive Development

Victoria Cuevas

Object Permanence

How to play:

  1. Have a child up to around 8 months sitting down

  2. Cover your own eyes

  3. Take your hands away from your face and say “Peekaboo”

  4. Repeat when baby laughs

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How to play:

1. Start with child age 4-5

2. place two equal size and shape balls of play doh in front of child

3. Ask them to tell you if they appear the same

4. Then roll out one piece into long rectangle shape

5. Ask child if they still carry the same amount of play doh

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How to play:

1. Sit with a child who is younger than age 7

2. Hold a piece of double sided paper in front of them

3. Ask them what color they see

4. Turn paper around and then ask them what the other color is they are now looking at

5. Turn paper around again and then ask them what color you are seeing, not the one facing them.

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