Surveyor's Mobile Rover

Introduction to Land Surveyors United Mobile

Mobile Support and Collaboration from the Field!

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Please allow me to introduce the all new Land Surveyors United Mobile Version of the Network (in Beta)! You can access the mobile version from any and all mobile devices here:

ANY Device, ANYwhere. ANYtime

This new mobile version has many unique features not available in previous version or even the Iphone version. Let's take a look at some of these new features and learn how they are used.

New Features for Mobile Network

Quick Links to Pages and Features on Mobile Rover

For Your Convenience here are links to the primary landing pages on the new Surveyors Mobile Network:
Your Profile on Mobile: Will take you to your profile on the network
What You Missed: The latest network activity and discussions since you last visited
Stories: Quick access to the network blog and your mobile blog for sharing surveying stories or anything longer than a forum discussion.
Mobile Group Forums: Allows you to search and find group forums based on location, types of equipment, topical and type
Mobile Network Forum: Allows you to take the network forum with you anywhere you go. Search, respond and discuss virtually anything related to land surveying and geospatial industry.
Surveying Photos: Surveyor submitted photos from all over the world. Upload photos from the field and never lose a marker again!
Member Map Mobile: Our global member map is under constant state of development. Here you will be able to see and interact with the mobile version.
Network Members: Find and connect with other geospatial industry professionals by searching.
Mobile Videos: The latest and most popular surveying videos to date. Take them with you and learn while on the go.
Change Language of your Interface: Go here to change the language of your mobile network
Network Notes: Quick access to the latest network updates and guides
Geospatial events Mobile: View and add land surveyor and geospatial events to the network calendar
Network Search: Search for solutions and across the network for topics and content from anywhere on your mobile device.
Surveyors Rover: A page dedicated to quick links to all areas of the mobile interface.

Manage Your Group Forums on the Go and Stay Productive!

Finding Your Groups While On the Go

When you're out surveying in the field and using our mobile network interface from your phone, it occurred to me that you would have an easier time finding which group forum to post to, if you could just click My Groups and proceed to starting a discussion in the relevant group. So I've done the leg work and made this easier for you. Take a look at the new drop-down menu beside the search bar, which will make it super simple for you to find your groups on the mobile version of our group forums page. Take a look at this image (above) for reference on how to find it inside the mobile network.

Share Surveying Stories From the Field

The same search functionality has now been added to the Blogs section (aka Stories) to make it easier for you to share surveying stories from the field. Just click the (+) sign and share your most interesting story...maybe even the story being made right this minute.

Manage All of Your Social Media Profiles From Your LSU Profile!

Connect Your Social Profiles to Your LSU Profile and Update From The Field!

It can be a chore to send multiple status updates to all of your social profiles, especially when away from a computer. The fastest and easiest way to keep all of your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter is to sync them with your Land Surveyors United profile and update from the field using the new LSU mobile.

Stay Connected Locally and Survey Globally

Network With Your Local Group Members

We are all part of a dynamic group or society of professionals based on the geographic location of our homes. By searching the new mobile groups, you can join a group forum based on your location and share experiences right from the field. This will give us all a better understanding of what it is like to be a surveyor in your area. Tell us about the challenges you face such as environmental hurdles, wildlife safety, weather conditions, etc. In our pursuit of a more global understanding of how surveyors operate around the world, we can better equip ourselves for the challenges found within the industry through creation of awareness.

Share Important Announcements in Your Area

State Boards, Professional Associations and Societies can all benefit from the ability to keep everyone on the same page by making your most important announcements known by sharing them in the local group forum based on a location. This will also make it simpler to notify everyone of changes in a calendar or having local chapters RSVP for important events.

Fix Your Broken Equipment

Ever had something break in the field? Sure we all have. By searching for the manufacturer of the equipment and asking a question inside the correct group forum, you are effectively targeting your question towards other members who are familiar with that type of equipment. You could, for example, ask if some other surveyor out there might have a user guide for the type of equipment you are using. Now with Mobile Group Forums all of this can be possible without having to pack up and head back to the office.

Troubleshoot Errors and Issues While IN the Field

Errors can destroy a productive day of surveying. Nevertheless, many errors can be resolved quickly by asking a fellow surveyors who have dealt with and over come those errors. Many errors for equipment simply have never been documented and therefore you may never find the solution without asking a fellow experienced surveyor. Use the Mobile Group Forums feature as your Get Out of Jail Free Card and contribute solutions to common problems so that other surveyors can benefit from your experience, while on the go!

How to Upload Photos From the Field Using Mobile

You can and its simple. Just 3 Steps

Step One: Head over to the Mobile Interface on your phone and Visit the GEOPhotos Page inside the navigation on the right (as pictured above).

Step Two: Click on the (+) Button and [Browse]your phone to find the photo you would like to upload to your account on the network.

Step Three: Add a eye catching and descriptive title as it will be what everyone sees when deciding which photos they would like to look at on the network. Then add a description which tells us about whats going on in the photo and where the photo was taken.

Less Bugs and More Features

Bug Smashing Mobile Rover Update

Tighting up the final stages of this phase for the Mobile Rover, and just wanted to let you know of a few of the bugs we fixed, features added and things you can do with the new Land Surveyors United Mobile.

~We provided an option for you to set the view for a Stories, Forum, Event or Groups page to My Blog Posts, My Events, My Discussions etc. This will mean that signed in members see their own list of items.

~We added the day of the week to the Event listing heading, so that surveyors can see at a glance what day of the week an event is on. If you know of an upcoming event in your area, please add it to the network. Events for now can only be added via the desktop version of Land Surveyors United, but working on the mobile solution.

~For Forums, Surveyor Stories and Photos, we've added a "Show Search and Filter options" checkbox to the management screen that will put a search field and dropdown filter for available views into the mobile page. Groups and Events currently have this, and now you have the option to provide it to members for other page types as well.

~We fixed the issue where members couldn't friend other members via mobile.

Thank you for continuing to make Land Surveyors United the Best!

Many thanks for the solid and helpful feedback you've provided as we worked on this project! For ideas, bugs and feedback on the mobile version, please send feedback here. Stay connected and update your professional profile often and you will see your online reputation soar!