Internet Safety

Protect yourself from the internet!

Password Protection

Always protect yourself with a password. like Emails, games, and also any of your social media sites that you use daily.

  • First make a password that only you will know.
  • Make it a password that is fairly complicated and will not be very easy to figure out.
  • Make sure you don't use a password that you have used on any other website or social media.

limit of use

Try to restrict your time of use on the internet. To protect yourself from being hacked and have the loss of personnel information.

  • Ty to only stay on the internet for about an hour. That will limit the possibility of you losing any information that you don not want to be seen.
  • The limit of use will also reduce the chances of catching a virus off the internet, while your not on the internet.
  • Besides its not good for your health to be on the computer for several hours.

Top protection sites.

Feel Safe from your computer.

Most questions asked

One of the most questions that are asked is, "what do I do when I get a virus?" If you get a virus don't not freak out, first if you do not know for sure if it is a virus or how bad? if it is a really bad of a virus ask someone you know if they can help you to get rid of the virus. If you don't have anyone, then find a local company and see if they can help get rid of it. If worse comes to worse you will not be able to use that computer anymore, and will have to buy a new computer.