Water Association Co.

Water association Co. We dedicate our lives into saving life

Water problem

In Africa children die every day of diarrhea and other reasons caused by unsafe drinking water. Around 500 THOUSAND children die every year because of this! Diarrhea is mainly the killer of children, diarrhea dehydrate them and they die because lack of water. Also unclean water cause disease and kill many more childrens!


Help support us on this journey. We can save many kids from dying at such a young age from lack of clean drinkable water! Our goal will be to save and get clean drinkable water to villages that need them!

We dedicate our lives into this because we take water for granted. We waste water like its nothing to us and in different country they need water just to do daily activities. So this company was created by LAM NGUYEN to aid people in Africa!

Some of our solution to get clean water.

How will this help them?

This will help a lot of people.

With these equipment we can save many lives. Now children won't die because of unclean water. They won't have to suffer from diarrhea and diseases anymore!

With theses equipment the death rate for kids in Africa will go down.

We are Water association Co.

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