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Napoleon Bonipart was born on the island of Corsia on August 15 1769 in the Mediterrian sea.In 1779 at the age of 9 Napoleon joined the french military school in Brennie.He did excellent in mathmatics and in 1774 he was chosen for elite military school and graduated a year later.

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On October 1785 at the age of 16 Napoleon joined the french army as a second lutanet and the artillerary regiment.Briefly attended royal artillerary school in Auxonne.He was promoted first liutenat in 1791 then captain a year the early 1790s Napoleon spent many years on leave from the french army.On leave from the french army Napoleon served the Corsica national guard.He also joined the JAcobins radical police soiciety in france.Many jacobins wanted to make france democratic repuplic.Napoleons membership brought great conflict with the govenor of corcia Pasqual Paoli he was a royalist Which mean he was supporter of the french monarchy.After the revoulutionary frnch goverment executed king Louis xvi on January 1793

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Napoleon lived 1769 to 1821 he was known as Napoleon Bonaparte he crowned himself emporer of france he was considered the greatest general in history in his time