Janely Mosqueda 3rd Period

about pre-sports

Pre-sports is a physical education. Pre-Sports is different from PE because in PE you only do fun and games and you get to learn some football but not real football if you want to learn how to play real football and be on the Lions Football Team then you have to be in pre-sports. Say you want to be in the volleyball or track or any other athletic thing the school has you still have to be in pre-sports.

Code Of Conduct and Expectations

The coach will always expect for you and your team mates to be good and always pay attention especially if your in pre-sports because if your in pre-sports and you are going to play volleyball the following year and your not paying attention when she's teaching the ways to play your not going to know what to do the following year or you might not be as good as other girls who DID pay attention and you won't make the team. Even if the coach isn't teaching volleyball you still have to pay attention because who knows you might like the sport the coach is teaching better than volleyball and there's a better chance for you to make that team.

Expectations from the coach~

  • no stealing
  • being dressed out
  • paying attention at all times
  • treat people how you want to be treated

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