Gabby and Adi


The person who found Georgia is named Hernando de soto.The first people to live in Georgia are the Amarican Indians.In the 1775's their were 32,000 people!The year Georgia was found was in 1773.

Land forms

Georgia is on the border of the Atlantic Ocean.Their are meany tall building's in Georgia.And their are meany building's because meany people live their and meany people work their. In Georgia there are a lot of wildlife.

Recreation and entertanment

The Amarican Indians loved to pick a partner and dance and play.The Amarican Indians also loved putting on festivals and build parks for the children.In the early 1800's they loved playing sports like soccer or baseball.And in the summer they love canoeing, hiking,swimming and fishing and hunting.

Fun facts

The population in the 1900's was7,652,207.The state bird in Georgia is the brown thrasher.Georgia's state flower is the Cherokee rose.Georgia's state tree is the live oak.