Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of January 23-27

Strategy Spotlight

Whoop! Whoop! Below is our weekly percentage of students that were progress monitored for the fall. Nice work Intermediate!!
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Next Steps after Monday PD

  • I will start deleting students who are ready to be moved out of intervention/PM tomorrow. Let me know if they continue to show up!
  • I will be in touch with teachers about students that need to be added to interventions after assessments have been given to determine best placement for them.
  • I met with Jess Q today about getting some basic Phrase Cued Reading instruction out for the whole staff ASAP.
  • I met with Jess about options for fluency interventions (as it looks like we will have a handful of students progressing on to fluency-type interventions soon).

This Week


  • Professional Development @ Intermediate - All day
  • Blended Learning PD - All day


  • 7:45 - data teams
  • Visible Learning lessons
  • 12:10 - writing unit in 3rd grade
  • 1:15 - triad meeting w/ Jon and Jennifer B
  • 2:15 - weekly meeting with lead (Jennifer B)


  • 7:45 - staff meeting
  • Visible Learning lessons
  • 12:10 - writing unit in 3rd grade
  • Visible Learning lessons
  • 3:30 - 4th grade team planning


  • 7:30 - Special education meeting
  • 7:45 - Blended team meeting
  • Learning meetings with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teams
  • Visible Learning lessons
  • 1:00-3:00 - IC meeting