MACH Decor: Charging Phone Holder

A practical alternative to charging on the floor.

Why Charging Phone Holder?

  • 2/3 of Americans have a mobile phone
  • 84% of people can't spend their day without their phone
  • 48% of people in the U.S. charge their phone either on the floor or in an unsafe place
  • Making the charging phone holder ideal for the buyer
The Charging Phone Holder is capable of charging off the floor by a loop hole that can easily hang from a hook, charger, or door knob. It comes in many styles for different ages. Lastly, it protects the phone from damage of being on the floor.


  • Paying 10 employees to work 7 days a week for $294.00 each
  • 1 employee will gain $42 in one day
  • By the end of the year 1 employee makes $15,388 and with 10 employees, we will pay them $153,880
  • The cost for materials to create one product is $9.00
  • We want $153,880 and $9.00 times however many products we produce
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  • 1 product will cost $9.00 to make
  • We will sell 1 product for $13.50 with a profit of $4.50

Your Profit

  • To reach the amount of money spent on the business we will have to sell 34,196 products to make $461,640 as profit to break even
  • In 1 year if we sell about 68,000 (our prediction) and make approximately $920,000, then you will receive approximately $144,000 a year
  • Receive %18

Overall Pricing and Cost

  • Investment of $800,000
  • You receive %18 of profit- $144,000 a year
  • Product will be sold for $13.50
  • We profit from approximately $300,000 a year

Wide Variety of Product Designs

Consists of a fabric like pouch with a circular loop on the top used for hanging.


  • Shower Ring
  • 3/4 yard of Fabric
  • Needle and Thread
  • Sheet of Cardboard

Come to Our Business!

Opening Hours:

Friday-Sundays: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mondays-Thursdays: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Employees will work in an assembly line where one person constructs one part of the item and is then handed off to the next person to continue the process.
Plan to sell in stores like Target, Michaels, Office Depot, Walmart, and other convenient stores.

CO: Madeleine Haydek

Madeleine was born in Dallas, TX where she fulfilled her education in business and advertising. She grew up with two brothers and wonderful parents that inspired her to always follow her dreams. She currently is fulfilling her dreams in business and enjoying the life she endures selling and buying products. She hopes that America will join her in her ride for social justice of no longer abusing the phones from charging on the floor.

CO: April Cannon

April was born in Dallas, TX where she began her early years of life in business. This started her inspiration to go out into the world to sell home decor products. She has been uplifted by two sisters, a brother, and two wonderful parents that always see the best in her. She hopes the world will soon realize not just her potential but the worlds potential of using charging phone holders.

Plans For the Future

We plan to advance of products into other room decor items and not just sell the charging phone holder. We plan to grow and hopefully purchase our own store where we can sell our own company items that we make. We would like to spread nationally and make monthly donations of room decor to families in developing countries in Africa.


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