University of Porkiton

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The University of Porkiton offers career opportunities such as Psychology, computer tech, medicine, culinary arts, graphic design, and astronomy.

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Entry Requirements

Need to have a GPA of 3.15 or higher.

Cost: $25,000 total for each of the degrees.

Scholarships: Agriculture, sports and academics.

Contests: Every June 6th if you eat 6 lbs bacon under two and a half minutes you get a free entry to the University of Porkiton.

P.S. Got to love bacon.


1. Zombies survival clubs: Learn how to ration food, purify water, and build a shelter out of nothing.

2. Parkour: How to get in shape, land, shoulder roll.

3. Choir: Must go to Morgan Freeman club because he has a beatiful voice.

4. Debate: Learn how to wrestle mouth.

5. Checker/Chess: It explains its self don't ask.





Psychology: B.S. in clinical psychology, and forensic psychology. M.S. in forensic psychology, and clinical psychology.

Computer Tech:

  • desktop support specialist
  • network administrator
  • systems administrator
  • computer forensics specialist
  • help desk technician
  • customer support analyst
  • Internet professional

  • Medicine: The Department of Medicine does not offer degrees; however, it does offer a large number of classes that are open to undergraduates, medical students, and other graduate students. The department also accepts graduate students as advisees for study and research. Undergraduate students may arrange individual research projects under the supervision of department faculty. With respect to its educational mission, Department of Medicine trainees also include interns, residents, clinical and research fellows, and postdoctoral fellows.

    Graphic Design: There are many fields within graphic design. Visual arts include works which are primarily visual in nature using anything from traditional media, to photography or computer generated art. Graphic design principles may be applied to each graphic art element individually as well as to the final composition.

    Astronomy: The Department of Astronomy at Porkiton offers a wide range of courses in astronomy, physics, and mathematics. Coursework and research focus on observational and theoretical discoveries, and both undergraduate and graduate students are provided hands-on opportunities to conduct research at prominent observatories around the world. The Department offers the Ph.D., B.A., and B.S.

    Culinary Arts: The Culinary Arts courses are designed to train students for careers in catering, chef training, and restaurant operations, as well as for promotion of foods, equipment, and products. The program offers coursework for professional improvement, and some courses can be utilized as transfer courses for students pursuing a bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics with a Foods emphasis.

    Graphic Design: The Digital Arts Center professional certificate in Graphic Design provides a comprehensive, career oriented, hands-on approach to learning and applying graphic and web design skills to a variety of mediums, from branding, corporate identity design, advertising, packaging, digital illustration, and digital photography, to web design including information architecture, layout, production, coding (customizing HTML & CSS), and Flash animation.