Bountiful Harvest

With This Product, All Harvests Are Bountiful!

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About The Company

Bountiful Harvest was founded by Thomas Schramer in 1803 in the Northern USA. It is a large company with about 1000 workers in the factory right now. This company was invested on by Samuel Slater, and Advertisement is Samuel F.B. Morse. We hope to bring a product that will stop sectionalism, and promote nationalism with the Northern Manufacturing, and Middle and Southern farming uses.

History of the Company

This company became an idea in 1803 with Thomas Schramer as the CEO and President, At first it was being hand made with 50 workers, now with help from Samuel Slater, (Above), it has become like the Lowell Mills. Our Northern Ambassador is Henry Clay. Our Southern Ambassador is Eli Whitney.

Product Name

Our Product is Bountiful Harvest, a chip that you put in your plant so it never dies. It can help even Orchids, the most fragile plants, live and thrive, even in a desert!* People who work in greenhouses love this product, but even the common man could need one for his precious garden! It works perfectly in the American System! You can get one at any of the Bountiful Harvest select stores!

* We did not put orchids in a desert


You're probably wondering, "How Much?", so here it is! You can get your own Bountiful Harvest for only $75 for up to 6 Bountiful Harvests! But here's a good offer! Buy 6-15 and spend only $68.50 per Bountiful Harvest! And up past 15, get them for $55 per Bountiful Harvest! But here's a deal! Buy 3 now, get 2 for free! Absolutely free!* Buying in bulk is recommended!

* Plus Tax


Our product is the best because You can download our FREE app (Bountiful Harvest) and Tap into your plant status via Tablet or Phone! Also, you can Now With Update 1.1.19 you can fix your plant from away! Even on a deserted island!* Also, 97% of people say that they would tell a friend, of those 97%, 80% find it needed on a daily basis! Many Celebrities use this product, like J-Lo, and Justin Bieber!

*If You Have Wi-Fi Or A Data Plan

National Pride

This Product WILL Tie The US of A! With Northern Manufacturing, and Middle And Southern Farming Uses, It WILL Help Tie This Broken Country Together!* You can use it on small gardens or big big Plantations! It's A Must-Stash! Buy Now!

*Country Not Actually Broken

Guarantee or Warantee

So, Maybe It Breaks, What Now? Well, First, If You Don't Like It, Send It Back For A FULL REFUND In The First 30 Days Of Purchase. We GUARANTEE That If You Don't Love It After 30 Days Of Purchase, Send It Back And Get A Half-Refund! And, If It Breaks, Go To A Bountiful Harvest Store And Fix It In The First 60 Days For FREE! FREEEEE! That's An EPIC Deal! Buy Now!
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