Cecean Preservation Foundation

Founded by Claudia Grzyb and Ben Malloy

Our Message

We created our foundation to help support aquatic wildlife and endangered species. We are using a specified tactic, to help rally enough support to help save animals one species at a time (literally). To start, we are focusing on the most impacting in the ecosystem and the most endanger. The blue whale is at the top of the food chain, and there are only less than 100 vaquitas left in the world. If teens and young adults rally with us to save them today, we could see them thrive in tomorrow's ecosystem as well.

Who You Help by Helping Us

Support us and these endangered species by...

Making donations, spreading the word about endangered species, or supporting us by buying our brand clothes and accesories. All profits go directly through our corporation to helping wildlife (preserving habitats and preventing black market hunting) or to our sister corporations like PETA and WWF.