Hour of Code

Celebrate Computer Science week December 8-12th.

The Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE
Learn what most schools don't teach

Even the President says do it...

President Obama calls on every American to learn code

What is Computer Science Week? Why is it important?

  • Computer Science Week is just like reading month, 100th day of school, MLK day. It's a time when we focus on how important computer science is to our lives.
  • Computer science is the art of blending human ideas and digital tools to increase our power. Computer scientists work in so many different areas: writing apps for phones, curing diseases, creating animated movies, working on social media, building robots that explore other planets and so much more.
  • Everyday things that use computer science: a cell phone, a microwave, a computer, a traffic light… all of these things needed a computer scientist to help build them.
  • Toys you use, iPads, iPhones, VTech toys, Video games

How can I code?

  • Before you can play your video game, someone wrote instructions (code) so that when you push the jump button, it will jump & when you push run, it will run.
  • Meet our friend Pixel the dog. You are going to help him do some things. First, you will need to make him bark.
  • You will try these things with your teacher and then you will solve more puzzles by yourself.

Where can I find the puzzles?

  • Open up the Chrome web browser.
  • There is a link to the Tynker website at the top.
  • Click the link and select Puppy Adventures (mini).

I'm done. Now what?

  • Click on the certificate and print one for each student!
  • Great job & welcome to the world of coding