Going Google

Volume 3 - Issue 8

Adding a Google Calendar

Any of the Google Calendars that have been shared can be added by following these steps.

1. From your Gmail page, go to calendar by clicking on the app launcher icon and selecting calendar.

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2. Under Other calendars click in the box and start typing the name of the calendar you would like to add.

3. Select the name of the calendar you would like to add.

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GDrive - How to add a "Shared with me" folder to "My Drive"

In Google Drive the “Shared with me” shows folders and documents that have been specifically shared with you. To keep a LIVE version of a file or folder in your “My Drive” and NOT REMOVE the original from its location follow these steps:

  1. Select "Shared with me" on the left.

  2. Right click on a folder or file.

  3. Select “Add to My Drive”

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Google Classroom - Co-teachers now invited!

Already using Google Classroom? Have you ever wanted to add an inclusion teacher to your class? or maybe your ITS since he/she is co-teaching a lesson?

Well, now you can. It's easy!

1. Open your class and click on About.

2. On the left side, click invite teacher.

3. Search for and invite the teacher you'd like to add.

Here's a short video:

Add a teacher in google classroom