3rd Grade Scope and Sequence


Moving to the 2nd Grading Period

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3rd Grade Year at a Glance

The YAG can be found on the NEISD intranet home page for 3rd Grade.

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Genre Focus

  • Literary Text/Fiction
  • Informational Text/Expository
  • Poetry

Begin with the End in Mind: Where will your students be at the end of the 1st semester?

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2nd Grading Period Planning Chart

Click Here to access the Instructional Resources page. Scroll to find Additional Resources, click on Planning Calendar.

Use the IPG to guide your discussion(s) when planning as a team.

Consider the following:
  • Continuing threads (TEKS) are listed along the right hand margin for Guided Reading, Writing Workshop and Working with Words. How will we spiral in the continuing threads?
  • What do we know about the TEKS?
  • What are the key learning opportunities for our students?
  • How will teach and assess at the same level of rigor?
  • What questions do we still have?

The Literacy Framework gives students opportunities to transfer & apply what they are learning

3rd Grade Instructional Planning Guide (IPG) is located on the NEISD Intranet.

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Guided Reading

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Unit of Study: Context Clues

This is a continuing thread throughout the school year across all genres.

Students need to be able to:

· Determine the meaning of unfamiliar and multiple-meaning words using context, prefixes, suffixes, and roots

Unit of Study: Literary Text/Fiction

Students need to be able to:

· Analyze a variety of literary texts by determining the order and importance of the plot’s main events, summarize the plot and describe the interaction of characters

· Make reasonable inferences and support those inferences with relevant textual evidence

For advance performance, students need to be able to:

· Draw conclusions about the interaction of characters and the changes they undergo

· Make complex inferences with literary texts and support those inferences with relevant textual evidence

Unit of Study: Informational Text/Expository

The informational/expository unit of study will be introduced before the winter break.

Students need to be able to:

· Demonstrate an understanding of expository texts by identifying the author’s purpose and using multiple text features to locate information that supports meaning

Self Selected Reading

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Working with Words

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Review all word wall words and hold students accountable for these words when reading and writing.


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Professional Development

Please check EBD for professional development offerings held after school and during district wide Super Saturdays. Then register to attend sessions using Eduphoria.

One last thought...

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