Lawrence Labrador Lowdown

May 15, 2020

Earth Day Videos

A few weeks ago, students learned about the history of Earth Day, why Earth Day is important, and things that they can do to help take care of our Earth. Some students synergized with their siblings, parents, and other family members to create videos with ideas that all Labradors can easily do at home! Check them! Great job Diem and Piper Vaca and Quentin Vonheeder!

Earth Day Video
Earth Day Video

Virtual Book Fair- Summer 2020

Lawrence Elementary Virtual Summer Book Fair! Available through September 4. Books ship right to your home free with $25 order!

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Did You Know?

If you need a reminder on which books your students have out you have two options:

1) Find details on how to download and use the app below; scroll down to "Using the LVJUSD Mobile App". LVJUSD App.

If you have not already, you will need to link each student to your account. Login using their student id with a letter before it. You only have to do this for one of your students and the rest will populate. Choose the "Student Info" icon.

For Parents:

Login: Example: M20101234 (M for mother and F for father)

If you do not remember your password, you can do a password reset.

For Students:

Choose Google Login

Use Student Email and Student ID for login

Once logged in, you can choose each student's photo, then choose Library and you will be able to see all of the books checked out to your student including textbooks.

2) Email me at with your student's name and teacher.

Quarantine Style Fun Run

Please read the details below regarding our upcoming event! After the final collection deadline, we will share the names of the top money earners, email senders, and total amount raised per class. We appreciate all the hard work families put into raising funds. We cannot do prizes at this time because many of the establishments are currently closed. We will reassess prizes in the fall based on SIP mandates. Thank you for your understanding.

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Kid Connection Video Series

About the Kid Connection Video Series:
In The Kid Connection students learn social emotional skills that support their meaningful participation in the classroom, on the playground, and in their lives outside of school. During the school dismissal period The Kid Connection will be offering a series of brief, 5-minute videos for our students to learn and practice social emotional skills at home.

Kid Connection: Dealing with Boredom

Dealing with Boredom

Help your child deal with boredom by working together to create a list of activities to do

when bored. Post the list and when bored, have your child select and do an activity from

the list. You can turn the list into a fun activity, itself, by having your child make a paper

chain of the activities. Or write all the ideas on small, separate pieces of paper and put

them in a Boredom Jar. Have your child label and decorate the Boredom Jar. When your

child says “I’m bored,” have them select and do the next idea from the paper chain or an

activity from the Boredom Jar. Provide positive reinforcement to your child for selecting

and doing an activity to alleviate boredom.

Ideas for activities may include: draw a picture, play a board game, do 25 jumping jacks,

make a card for an elderly relative or neighbor, build with Legos, write the grocery list,

create a recipe and make it, visit a local attraction online (The Oakland Zoo is offering

virtual tours and learning opportunities during the school dismissal), listen to music and

dance, call or Skype a relative, build a fort out of sheets and blankets, have a Tea Party

Kid Connection: Listening


Being a good listener supports our relationships with others, participation in sports and other activities, school success and many other areas of our lives. To practice this skill at home:

Model good listening behavior for your child (e.g., look at him when he/she is talking, pay attention and be engaged).

When it’s time for your child to listen, remind him/her of the steps involved:

  • Look at the person talking

  • Be quiet so you can hear

  • Focus and pay attention to what is being said

  • Show that you are interested and engaged (nod your head, smile)

  • When it’s your turn to talk, ask follow up questions

Provide positive feedback to your child for being a good listener.

Livermore Learns Parent Webinars

Livermore Learns: We are offering two parent education webinars this month that can provide support during this time of distance learning: Establishing a Routine and Dealing with Distractions. The sessions will be offered in both English and Spanish, and will be facilitated by LVJUSD staff members. For additional information, please see flyer below.

School Office Closure

Lawrence Elementary staff will no longer be in the office for set office hours. If you need assistance, please e-mail Principal Starkovich at E-mails will be returned the same day they are received. Should your matter require service in the office, an appointment time will be made to comply with social distancing practices. Thanks for your support with this matter.