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May 23, 2016

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On the lighter side of EOY chaos....

We will continue our Annual EOY Blooper Awards for JCB staff! Awards will take place during our staff luncheon in the cafeteria on June 1st, 12:45-1:45 p.m. If you have any BLOOPERS for yourself or your co workers please send them to me. There will be laptop, speakers and projector available if your Blooper is accompanied by pictures or video.

Disclaimer: Be sure Bloopers are approved by your peers. :)


Monday May 23 Orange 4EOY LPACS (see Mendy Hattaway's email), Adventure Fun Run lessons start during specials

Tuesday May 17th Yellow 5-RTI EOY Meetings Science Lab

Wednesday May 18th Green 1-ARDS, 504, Retirement Party afterschool Cafeteria

Thursday May 19th Blue 2 -Adventure Fun Run DASH, FIELD DAY

Friday May 20th Purple 3-Fine Arts Day, Kinder Field Trip, 4th grade Wax Museum, Math Bee!

In the spotlight...

I just wanted to take a moment to spotlight Coach Curry.

While she may not appreciate the picture of her backside, this is a picture that speaks volumes. This is Coach Curry cleaning out the fridge last Friday after school. As you also know, Coach Curry is organizing the Fun Run for our entire school. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation for this event. Coach Curry, thank you for finding ways to help our school. You go above and beyond!

Staying strong!

Thanks for sharing your students' Chatterpix projects below, Ms. Swindell. Many of our 3rd graders completed a research project in which they had to select a rainforest animal, compile information, and create a video to show their new knowledge.
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Brittany's Corner

Schedule for Next Year
Please complete the "schedule" google form by Wednesday.
*Just one form per grade level needs to be submitted.

Note: Your preferences and feedback regarding scheduling is very important to me and will be taken into consideration. However, please know it may not be possible for me to accommodate all your scheduling wishes and dreams. :-)

Textbook Inventory
Please have your textbooks reading for checking by the end of the day on Wednesday.
  • If you know a student has lost a textbook, please let me know this week.
  • When I do come around to check textbooks (not consumables), I would like them to be on your shelves in groups of 5 (5 vertical, 5 horizontal, rinse, lather, repeat). If you do not have shelves, please place them in groups of 5 in a place that is easy for me find/access.
  • Math and S.S. teacher editions - please also have these in a place/shelf that is easy for me to spot. I do have to inventory these as well.
  • ALL CONSUMABLES NEED TO BE GONE AT THE END OF THE YEAR... You may send consumables home with your students or set them in recycling. I will also place all unused consumables outside the book room if you would like to give them to your students.
  • If you have questions, please let me know.

EOY Report Cards/Cum. Folder Procedures

  • All grades need to be entered and posted by Tuesday, May 31st (9:00 AM). Mrs. Pryor will run report cards on Tuesday. Please make sure all TA codes and comments have been entered as well.
  • At the bottom of the report cards, you will need to sign your signature and indicate placed, promoted, or retained on every report card.
  • Make a copy of report cards and place one copy in the cum. folder.
  • Report cards will be mailed home, so you will place the report card in the envelope (we will provide these - DO NOT SEAL ENVELOPE) and turn them into Mrs. Pryor by June 2nd.
  • Cum. folder - All the following need to be placed in/on folder - signed copy of report card, RtI sticker on the inside under "elementary" (example in Mrs. Pryor's office) if a student received RtI services at any point this year (Tier 3, Tier 2, Tier 1 watch). RtI stickers can be found on the table in my office.
  • Please do not remove cum. folders from the office area. You may work on your cum. folders in the lounge or conference room. It can get pretty tight in Sherri's office. :-)

RtI Meetings - Don't forget RtI meetings are on May 24th. Please come prepared with data and ready to talk about your students. We are doing math and reading at the same time, so we need everyone on time and ready to get started. :-)

WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

Jeff's Corner

Thought for the week.... "Keep 'em busy and keep 'em close!"

Getting to Know You: Mystery Person of the Week

* Born with "Saints" in Tarrant County/ Raised... Watauga

* Universitied at Southwestern & MEd from TWesU

* Hobbies Include family time; cooking for others

* Favorite Books include: BIble; Giving Tree; books by Robert Munsch

* Bucket List trips: Thailand

* An embarrassing moment: fell marching backwards at a marching competition at Pennington Field

* Exciting time.... Winning a trip to NEW YORK CITY !!

* Favorite movies....!! No time for that!!

* Like most as teacher: seeing the growth not only intellectually but also on a personal level

* Proud times: My kids' salvation!

* Like most about JCB: the family atmosphere; even though we are a huge faculty

* Brief memorable comment a child once said to you. Child (in front of his father and other parents at open house), “Mrs. _________, do you have Herpes?” Me, “Why no, ______, I don’t have herpes.” Child, “Yes you do, everyone has herpes, it’s in our immune system.”

* Like most about your team: Cohesiveness, flexibility, we MESH and get along tremendously

* Favorite food is fajitas

* Something about you /something you have done that no-one here might know, but would really surprise them. (Maximum rating: PG) I stayed in a homeless shelter in Washington DC one spring break for a Destination: Service project.

Email me your guess by noon tomorrow. The winning guesses will go in the drawing for 1 or 2 herb plants or flower.
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