1968 A Turning Point

By Karen D

Tet Offensive

The series of major attacks, launched by communist forces in South Vietnam, began after the attack on the U.S. Embassy. Then came a 77 day siege of the U.S military base, Khe Sanh, in South Vietnam. The main attacks happened in 100 cities across South Vietnam, but were hidden due to 12 U.S military base attacks.

Democratic Convention

Inside, everyone was debating over McCarthy's personal weakness and Humphrey's closeness to Johnson's failed war policy. Outside, 10,000 protesters rioted about Johnson's Vietnam policies. The violence that the national guard troops and police officers showed was put into the media and said they used excessive force.

Assassination Of Robert Kennedy

RFK was shot three times by Sirhan Sirhan after his victory speech in California. He died less than 24 hours after being shot but would have been the democratic presidential candidate if he had lived.

Assassination Of Martin Luther King Jr.

Memphis, Tennessee in March 1968 to aid African American workers who were on strike. He led a march to city hall on March 28 and stayed in a motel. While on the balcony, James Earl Ray shot and killed. Rioting erupted hours after his assassination.

Election of 1968

The 1968 presidential candidates included Hubert Humphrey (democratic), George Wallace (American Independent), and Richard Nixon (republican). Nixon was patriotic and told voters the war must be end honorably. Wallace was against civil rights and school desegregation. And Humphrey was believed to be too close to Johnson's Vietnam war policies, but he tried to separate himself from it. Out of 73 million votes, Nixon received 43.4%, Humphrey got 42.7%, and Wallace got 13.5%.