Venice, Italy

the city built on water


Do you know Italian?

All television shows are in Italian & not everybody speaks English.

Italian comes from Vulgar Latin & is a romance language.

66,000,000 people know Italian & and most Italian speakers live in Italy.

If you know Spanish, Italian should be easy because the languages are so similar.

You’d better crack open those books!

Listen up travelers!!!

You won't be bored in this city!

When you go to Venice rather than driving cars, you float along the canals in a small long boat called a gondola.

If you have kids with you a good place to go is Aqualand, a replica of a Carribean Island!

In Italy sports are a big deal so pick a team and cheer. GO TEAM, GO!!!!

Fashion is major so you have to go shopping.

Those must now be on your "to do" list now, right?!

(Map of Venice down below)

Let's Eat!!!!

Fill up your stomach with Venice's good eats!

The most common foods eaten are pizza, pasta, salad, and cheese with bread.

If you're of drinking age try some "vine" from the worlds largest wine producer!

If you want a snack try some fruit, cheese, or spumoni, that's Italian for ice cream.

If you're in Venice on a holiday some pies, cakes & other treats are a must!

After reading that I bet your taste buds are watering in delight!

Comfortable Climate & Warming Weather

Is your suitcase filled with the right clothes?

Venice has a very comfortable climate; mild winters and warm summers, the perfect Mediteranean Climate.

If you don't like the cold going in the summer would be great since it'sperfect in the summer time!

I bet you know what to pack now

What to see

Rialto Bridge is

the oldest & most popular bridge in Venice.

Another popular bridge The Bridge of Sighs.

Pizza-San-Marco is famous for its achitecture and the large group of pigeons that gather here. ( don't go when it rains; it floods.)

Most historical sites first few stories are completely under water!

Doges Palace is a very popular tourist attraction. Doges means the chief magistrate of Venice or Genoa.

So what are you waiting for, hop in a gondola and let's go sight seeing!

Classy Culture

With Italy's large amount of art a good place to go is an art museum.

Italy has over 60% of the worlds heritage!

The architecture is superb& how cool would it be to see some of it while scuba diving?

Some of the worlds most famous pieces of art are kept in Italy.

Many famous artist were born in Italy, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti,& Grigrgio de Chirico.

Places to go