Ms. Doggett's Math Newsletter



Hello Parents,

I can't believe we're ending the second week of school! This is the first of several Math Newsletters that you will receive. These newsletters will cover what we're learning in the classroom and give any important dates that are needed for projects or assignments. Please let me know if you'd rather receive a paper copy instead.

I look forward to a great year in math!

Ms. Doggett

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Classroom Corner

We started off this year with a review of area and perimeter. This lead us into our first unit, volume.

We've been working with volume for the past week and will continue for another week. Students explored volume by using unit cubes to determine the volume of different shaped boxes. This was a great hands on lesson that really allowed them to see what volume is all about! We will revisit volume in the second quarter.

Our next unit will be place value of decimals!