High School English-Lit

January 27, 2016 Class 20

For Students:

Added Homework!

Be sure to watch this 15 min video. It is a student play based on "Jury of Her Peers" by Susan Glaspell. Andrew and Josh, we discussed in class author context and to be aware of the bias this author portrays. Glaspell was a feminist and not a believer. We also discussed that even though an author may not share our world view it is a great chance to consider difficult situations and how it could be handled differently. Note: this story is set in the early 1900's.


A Jury of Her Peers

Something New---Five Week Trio Groups

Five Week Trio Groups Recap!

Ok! To add a little spunk this semester we are trying something new. You have each been placed in a Trio that will last for the next five weeks. You Trio will have the ability to earn points in a variety of ways-some as a group in class, some as a group outside of class, and some as individuals both in and out of class. At the end of the time period, the Trio members with the most points earn 10 pts to lowest assignment grade plus a surprise! To get things going, Trios had the opportunity to earn points in class. Each Trio ended up with 1 point.

Standing Offers for Trio Team Points Include:

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This Weeks Trio Group Bonus Points Offer:

This week you can earn a point for your team if you take the time to sit down with a parent and have a English-Lit Conference. Show them your most recent returned work, tell them what you are learning, and show them your big, fat, full-of-work notebook! The points will be awarded to your Trio when you send me a text of you and your parent conferencing!

A Few "Tried and Failed" simply because.......the Grammar Crime Can't Come from my examples of GRAMMAR CRIMES, you gweebs!

A few have "TRIED and Succeeded! Go Team Jehosaphat!

Trio Team Standings:

For Parents:

Hopefully you have read the above and know about Trio Groups! I'm already seeing the competition roll as my phone has received a large number of text from this crew...and it is only Thrusday!!
Thanks for sending your kids early the past two weeks. We thoroughly enjoyed watching The Help together! A big thank you to Anita for providing a chocolate pie! Very apropos.

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