Elizebeth Bathory

By:Gizelle and Megan

Born: Aug.7,1560 Died: Aug.21,1614

Bathory was born into a prominent Protestant nobility in Hungary. Her Uncle (Stephen Bathory) was king of Poland.

How victims were tortured

  • Honey torture: stripped girls naked and smeared honey all over there bodies and left the young girls outside to be the victim of any insect.
  • Iron Maiden:put the person on a coffin which only had spikes,it doesn't impale you to bleed, there are also two spikes which are driven into your eyes and then you slowly bleed to death
  • Star Kicking:putting some sort of tissue between the toes of the girl and then lighting them on fire

More Facts

  • She was obsessed with preserving her youth and beauty making her skin look "younger." She began to experiment with her discovery. Her new hobby was a daily bath on virgin blood,particularly of pretty or upper class women. The victims would hang upside down by chains wrapped around their blood, but not only bathe she drank their blood. Born onto a family richer than the king of Hungary grew up in a gruesome atmosphere of war, and taught by parents to torture servants (aristocrat)
  • Became mass murder when her husband died in 1604.

More Tortures

  • Forcing girls to eat strips of own flesh
  • Stuck pins into lower and upper lips and also under their fingernails
  • Sewing servant girls mouths shut
  • Froze a girl to death during winter time by placing her outside and pouring water over her body until she couldn't move