Course Selection for Middle School

Stonewall Middle School Rising 6th Graders for 2020-2021

Please complete the Microsoft Form to select classes for middle school.

Attached is a scheduling form for you to select courses that you will take in middle school. Please work on this form with your parents.

Elementary Counselors and 5th grade teachers have made course recommendations for Language Arts and Mathematics placements. Students, along with their parents, should select World Language and Music choices.


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Course Request Details:

Dear Parents & Students,

Over the past couple of weeks Ms. Breski, the Director of School Counseling at Stonewall Middle School, has been working with the elementary school counselors & 5th grade teachers on recommendations for 6th grade class placements for all 5th graders. Student course selection recommendations were completed by 5th grade teachers for placement in language arts and math. These content areas require students to meet certain criteria that is described below.

Language Arts Placements: Guidelines for Entry

Includes but is not limited to:

IBMYP Lang Arts 6

IBMYP general students

IBMYP Extended Lang Arts 6

5th grade Reading SOL 400+

Teacher Recommendation

Student interest

*Student is motivated to: work at an accelerated pace, work independently, accept challenges, participate in class, and meet deadlines

*Student demonstrates outstanding work habits and positive collaboration with peers.

Math Placements: Guidelines for Entry

IBMYP Math 6

IBMYP general students

IBMYP Extended Math 6

(covers 6th & ½ of 7th grade curriculum)

5th grade Math SOL test score of 475 or higher

Minimum of a B average in Math 5

Parent permission to take accelerated course

5th grade teacher recommendation

IBMYP Extended Math 7

(covers ½ of the 7th grade & all 8th curriculum)

5th grade Math SOL score of 525 or higher

Completed Math 5 with A average

Parent permission to take IAAT

5th grade teacher recommendation

Includes but not limited to:

*Student demonstrates: motivation to work at an accelerated pace and accept challenges, ability to work independently and meet deadlines, outstanding work habits, enthusiastic class participation and meets deadlines

Social Studies 6 – All 6th Grade students will take this course.

Science 6 – All 6th Grade students will take this course.

Heath & Physical Education 6 -All 6th Grade students will take this course.

All 6th grade students will take Exploratory Arts classes. These courses are assigned randomly and will rotate each quarter.

Students need to complete the Rising 6th Grade Course Requests for World Language & Music placements.


Please select one request. Students will have one of these courses for the entire school year. The music selections are as follows.

___Beginning Band

___Beginning Orchestra

___Continuing Orchestra

___Choir Performing

World Language:

Please select one request. Students should know that they will be taking a foreign language as a sixth grader, which is a high school credited course. If their SOL score does not meet these criteria, they will be placed in Reading Strategies and/or Math Support and will take Introduction to World Language (not a high school bearing credit). If their scores do meet these criteria, they will be placed in the World Language class of their selection. For Introduction to Spanish for Fluent Speakers requests, students would select this course if they speak Spanish at home for 50% of the time or more. The options for World Language for 6th graders are as follows:

___ IBMYP French IA (475+ Reading SOL)

___ IBMYP Spanish IA (475+ Reading SOL)

___ IBMYP Introduction to Spanish for Fluent Speakers (475+ Read SOL/Must be a native speaker)

All recommendations/requests are based on this year’s current academic progress. Adjustments to recommendations may occur at the end of the school year. Please contact your child’s language arts teacher, math teacher, and/or school counselor with further questions. Due to no SOL scores this current school year, teachers and counselors will look at current and past academic performance to make appropriate placements for success of the student.

Please contact Ms. Dawn Breski, Director of School Counseling, at with any questions.

Please click on the form below to make selections.

Rising 6th Grade Course Selection Form (Spanish)

Por favor conteste todas las preguntas requeridas.

Rising 6th Grade Course Selection Form (English)

Please answer all required questions.

Stonewall Middle School's Counseling Department

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Rising 6th Grade Orientation Informatoin

Please click here for an all you need to know about middle school presentation. At this time, we do not have date of when a physical orientation will take place. Please keep checking our website for updates.