Teen Pregnancy


  • Nearly 330,000 babies were born to teen moms in 2011, of the ages of 15-19. In Bumped, the ONLY girls getting pregnant are the ones aged under 18. That means more and more teens would have to get pregnant in order to keep the population to where it should be.
  • Less than half of teen mothers graduate high school. In Bumped, you almost always have to get pregnant if you want to have an education after high school.

  • 8 out of 10 fathers don't marry the mother of their child. In the book, you get hired to make a "pregg" with a professional "bumper" but never see the person afterwards.

  • The US government spends nearly 7 billion dollars a year on teen pregnancies. In Bumped, society tells teens its their responsibility to deliver for profit. Girls as young as 11 are "bumping" for college funds and fame.

Risks of Teen Pregnancy