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McKinley Middle School

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Purpose of The Vision

Welcome to McKinley Middle School's family newsletter known as The Vision. The purpose of The Vision is to provide ongoing communication to McKinley families and our community. This communication will be centered around our three focus areas for the second semester: Academic Instruction, Social-Emotional-Behavior (SEB) Instruction, and Community Engagement. Our goal is to provide regular communication and progress updates on these three focal points as well as specific information that falls within these realms.

Academic Instruction: Model of Instruction; STEAM Magnet School Update

Over the past several months, the staff has been focusing on several areas of growth to support student success in the classroom. Our goal is to observe each of the following at least 80% of the time during our walkthroughs. Our initial assessment of these goal areas, prior to winter break, were as follows:

1. Evidence an entrance procedure has been designed and articulated to students: 82%

2. Students can articulate the entrance procedure: 92%

3. Postive acknowledgements: 18%

4. Explicit expectations prior to transition: 69%

5. Common attention signal used: 76%

6. Evidence an exit procedure has been designed and articulated to students: 53%

7. Students can articulate the exit procedure: 67%

8. Majority of students demonstrate procedure: 71%

9. Teacher dismisses students, not the bell: 57%

Based on the image below, you can compare the growth our staff has made since our return from winter break.

Magnet Update:

In 2019-2020, McKinley Middle School will transition to McKinley STEAM Academy, the second Magnet middle school in Cedar Rapids and eastern Iowa. The McKinley teaching staff recently spent time with a Magnet consultant to create our vision statement and tag lines. I am very excited to share both of these with you!

McKinley STEAM Academy Vision Statement:

As a magnet middle school, McKinley STEAM Academy is dedicated to learning collaboratively, cultivating curiosity, celebrating diversity, and building relationships through high quality integrated curriculum opportunities.

McKinley STEAM Academy Tag Line:

Knowledge is created. Dreams take hold. Students lead the way.

Knowledge, Dreams, Leadership.

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Post Winter Break Data

Social-Emotional-Behavior Instruction


Restorative Justice...

  1. Focuses on harms and consequent needs​ (the victims', as well as the communities' and the offenders').
  2. Addresses obligations resulting from those harms (the offenders', but also the communities' and the society's).
  3. Uses inclusive, collaborative processes.
  4. Involves those with a legitimate stake in the situation (victims, offenders, community members, society).
  5. Seeks to put right the wrongs.

McKinley Middle School will be hosting a Restorative Practices informational night for families and community during the 4th quarter. Stay tuned for more information.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our students and staff and we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment. Please take time to visit with your child about the importance of communicating information with the adults at McKinley. We want our students to follow this slogan: See Something, Hear Something, Say Something!

What is Restorative Practices?

Community Engagement

We would like to thank everyone who recently provided feedback on the High Reliability Schools survey. Our goal was to achieve 80% participation from students and staff and 30% participation from parents. Overall, 88% of staff, 84% of students, and 21% of parents participated. The staff will receive the results from this survey in early April and begin the process of analyzing and acting on this feedback.

McKinley will be hosting a STEAM Night on Wednesday, May 2 from 6:00-8:00 pm. If you are interested in helping with this event, please contact Michele Wilson or Jason Martinez at 558-2348.

We still have several other volunteer opportunities available for parents to partner with our school. These choices include volunteering in the Bear Paw store, Grizzly Cove, classrooms, or serving as a before school parent greeter. In addition, we will be seeking volunteers to assist with the beautification of our grounds in May. If you are interested in volunteering at McKinley Middle School, please contact our volunteer coordinator Mrs. Jackie Mason at 319.558.2348 or email