Gestational Diabetes

A few questions answered about diabetes

Between myths that are constantly floating around amongst the truths about the medical condition known as diabetes, there are many individuals that can become confused and overwhelmed, not knowing which pieces of information that they should believe. Below are the answers to a few common questions that are often asked about diabetes.

  • Does diabetes occur when an individual is of a certain age group? Diabetes is a medical condition that can happen in children, adults, in elderly individuals, and it can even happen to women that are expecting the birth of a little bundle of joy. Diabetes type 1 is generally the type of diabetes that children are diagnosed with and is treated by using insulin.
  • Can I still get diabetes even if it is not in my family history? This is only one factor that increases the risk for some individuals to acquire diabetes. There are other factors such as diet, lifestyle, and obesity that can also attribute to the diagnosis of diabetes.
  • Can you get sugar diabetes from consuming a large amount of sugar? No, the glucose in the bloodstream is completely different from refined sugar that is used in various types of food items.

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