Ms. Morrow's Math

A Mathematicians Newsletter


Hello! I know it has been a while but we have so many activities going on! I hope all of you are doing well. I know I am ready for Spring to be here for good!

Updates for the classroom:

We are working on dividing fractions and decimals. I HIGHLY encourage you to reinforce this at home and out in daily life for this can be confusing for students. They tend to get the strategies mixed up. Remember the super helpful Khan Academy. If technology is not available I can send home practice sheets for this concept.

How can you reinforce this in daily life and weekends? When you go shopping ask them to tell you how much one item would cost if it is sold in a pack. Have them look at the sale tabs on grocery items that say 2/$6.00 things like that are a great way to keep their mind working and fresh!


Students have an EOG practice packet they should be working on. This packet is due IN CLASS on May 4th. We will walk through the packet together and I will answer any questions they have.

Supplies We Could Use

Pencil Top Erasers


Disinfectant Wipes

Our Next Concept

Our next concept will be Measurement and Data. I am really excited about this because there are so many fun and interesting activities to do! I am posting the "I Can Statements" for this concept so you know what they should be learning and understanding.

I also gave all students an "I Can Common Core Checklist" in which we went over and listed the things we needed to practice or review, your child had the option to keep this with them so they can use it as a study aid when they are at home. I do have extras and I will attach a copy to the newsletter as well so you can go visit it.