Sarah Bunjaku



Sarah M. Bunjaku was born in Galveston on August 27, 2001. She was born at the UTMB hospital. She is the oldest out of three kids. She has one sister, Semra, and one brother, Adnan. She is currently a 6th grader at Brookside Intermediate. Sarah is an 11 year old, almost the youngest in the whole grade. Sarah has always loved art and recently decided to be an actress. She loves acting and has been in a couple plays. Her favorite one so far has been "Where the Lilies Bloom" and was given the part of Lacey Ardwell but bumped up to Alma Graybeal after the original Alma dropped out. She preformed for almost all of the ccisd district and is hoping to do the uil play again next year.

Sarah's career

Sarah has always wanted to be a doctor since she went to the eye doctor when she was 6. She started wanting to be an eye doctor but later decided to be a pediatrician. Her electives as a child was art and theater arts. She has wanted to be an actress ever since she signed up for the uil play and got in. (See more details in Childhood section) She still hopes to be a doctor but if all else fails she will become an accountant.