ORE Monday Notes

January 11-15

Wishing for a possible Snow Day? Check out this teacher's revamp of Adele's Hello!

Snow (Adele's "Hello" version) - Mary Morris

Update on Donna Helgesen

As you know, Donna will have surgery on Monday. Debbie Gsell shared a wonderful idea that hopefully has spread to everyone by the time you are reading these notes. She shared that it would be a great idea to start our day by gathering in the front office hallway at 7:15 to join together for a moment to send Donna good vibes and start our day off with positive thoughts for her surgery. She also shared that it would be great if we all wore our "Pink and Jeans" as a unified means of supporting her! See you all in the morning at 7:15 in the hallway outside the main office.

Creative ORE Teachers Creating Engaging Learning Spaces

Many of you are excited about creating learning spaces that are unique and student centered. It has been fun watching your creative juices flow! Below is just one picture (there are many more examples - so if you have not walked around and checked out many rooms please do so) of an example of some exciting spaces that are emerging in our halls! You can also find more ideas on sites such as Pinterest and Edutopia.org.
Big image


  • Please check the ORE Master Calendar through your Outlook or on our ORE SharePoint for all of the important dates for this week.
  • Welcome this week Megan Mount! We look forward to her starting at ORE on Monday.
  • Please keep Donna Helgesen in your thoughts and prayers. Please see Mrs. Fox if you would like to contribute to the monetary donations they are collecting to support Donna during this time.
  • Please remember to notify parents of your Terrific Kid so that they know they are invited to attend the Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Please remember to complete the Survey that I sent you on Thursday afternoon for the Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Hardy and her office.
  • This coming Tuesday night, Dr. Hardy will present a Literacy Update to the Board of Education. If you are interested in hearing/viewing this Literacy Update you can do so by watching the Board Meeting on GCS Channel 2 at 6:00 PM. I am not certain what time her presentation will be but you can view the agenda on the District's Website to get an idea of what time her presentation will occur.
  • This Tuesday's Staff Meeting will be led by Mrs. Stoltz and will be a Curriculum PLC for all certified staff (classified staff do not need to attend). The meeting will begin at 2:45 in the Media Center.
  • Thanks to everyone for your patience and commitment to the Reading and Writing Assessments that you have completed this past week and will continue this coming week (along with many of you conducting Unit Post Assessments too...). Please plan to review the writing assessments in your upcoming PLCs and analyze the students' writing pieces and the data collection process together with your team. Is there a way you can use the Data Spreadsheet to assist you in analyzing student growth in the area of writing from BOY Baseline and Qtr 1 Wtg. to now current Qtr 2 Wtg.?
  • Please remember to hold face to face parent/teacher conferences for all students who have a current PEP. Please review the updated Green Portfolio with the parent and ask that they sign the PEP Signature Page after going over the specific interventions that are being implemented and the student's progress monitoring data points. Please update the Portfolio Checklist at the front of the Portfolio and insert Qtr 2 materials as well.
  • We look forward to our 4/5 Student Performance this coming Thursday Night and the 5th Grade School Wide Performance on Friday at 1:30. Everyone is invited on Thursday night - please sit up front as there will be reserved/saved seating for all ORE Staff and their families.
  • Please remember to either eat lunch with your kiddos on Friday or arrange for someone to cover your class at lunch so that our wonderful TA's can enjoy their quarterly TA Luncheon. Thanks to all our TA's for all they do for everyone each day!

Have a GREAT week and let me know if you have any questions or concerns! - Denise