New Genius Phone

more intelligent than a smart phone

The newest thing to hit stores

The genius phone is THE next big thing for the cell phone industry. These new phones will make your android, apple, or windows phone look like a hot pile of garbage.

Gives you the coolest look!

Brand new Ai operating System

This phone comes equipped with Artificial intelligence software that creates a personality and friend that will learn your habits, schedule and needs. This programming makes this phone much more then a phone; it becomes part of your life. The software responds to your requests and has a full response system at lightening speed. It looks like a watch and has the capabilities to directly connect to headphones or show text on screen. It can search for the answer to any question with a scan, text input, voice read, or photo of the question, making finding the solution to your problem simple

Genius Phone

Genius phone is so much more than a phone, it is a personal assistant, a camera, calendar, computer, health guide, transporter and a friend. You will never need a new one as we offer free upgrades. Comes with instagram built in.

We can't wait for you to try us out.