Spring Break Wrap Up

May you enjoy the time away from school and live the dream.

Remember our Terrific summer School Sign up

Summer School Online Registration is Thursday, April 4th starting at 4:30 pm and runs through Sunday, April 14th at midnight. The course booklet is available on the Summer School Website at www.merton.k12.wi.us/schools/SummerSchool.cfm
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To the point and a terrific message

Dr. Suess can be a very funny, silly, and crazy in his stories and illustrations. Sometimes he has wonderful reminders about how simple life can be if we take his advice and turn it into action. Your continued encouragement to help the children learn and make good choices is invaluable to our work at school. See you after the break! There is still plenty to learn, practice, and use in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, music, art, PE, MakerSpace. Let's keep the learning alive!

Fun Decorations on Doors

Our volunteers do an amazing job in designing and constructing our classroom doors. Here are a few of them for you to enjoy. The kids get to be welcomed by these doors each day. Thank you so much volunteers for your creativity and ownership of your work.
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Swinging in springtime

Mrs. Zeppos and our 5K friends are having a terrific time on the playground. The new turf installed last year gave us great play space, so we don't worry about the mud.

Mike Budisch

Our monthly assembly was focused upon communication and how we are receivers and senders of information and feelings. Our 4th grade principal's council assisted in presenting non-verbal ways to say hi, come join our team or game. Kaycee West, speech/language did the presentation.