My six impossible things

By Thomas Young

1. Climb Mt. Eversest

I would like to climb Mt. Everst because it is one the toughest challenges in the world and I think I am up for the challenge. I have also dreamed of being up on the summit since I was 8 years old. 

2. Get 90% or over in my final report of year 12

I would like to get over 90% or over in my final report of year 12 so it shows I am smart and will hopefully get a good paying job and be rich

3. Get a job in the Australian Maritime Authority

I would like to get a job with the Australian maritime safety authority, because it it low working and very, very good pay.

4. Buy a 49er and be world champion in it

I would like to be the best in the world and go to the Olympics in the 49er mens high performance skiff. It is another challenge and is also very dangerous.

5. Be a professional sky diver and get my pilots licence

I would really like to skydive because it looks so much fun and get my pilots license so I can fly on my own or with someone else

6. Sail around the world

I would like to sail around the world because it is another challenge that i think I am up too