By: Blake Ursery

Magic Tree House series By: Mary Pope Osborne Published: 1992

The Magic Tree House series started in 1992 when Osborne wrote the first book. The main characters of Jack and Annie was introduced. They were brother and sister which discovered a magic tree house that took them on many adventures. The tree house would take them back in time to the dinosaurs and to places like Camelot, the Amazon, and the moon. They encountered many dangers and had to think of ways to get out and make it back alive.

This series of books is great for elementary students. It allows them to open their mind and use their imagination to become part of the book and go through the adventures with the main characters.

Holes by: Louis Sachar (movie) Published: 2003

This movie is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who has extremely bad luck due to a curse put on his great great grandfather. Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake, a detention camp for a crime he did not commit. In this camp they have to dig giant holes to look for artifacts for their warden. Many different things and adventure happen during the time stanley is at the camp.

This is a great story that every middle schooler should read. It explains many different conflicts in the world such as race, in a funny and understandable way for middle schoolers. It also has many details and to figure out what happens you have to remember each of the details because it is important.

Nineteen Minutes by: Jodi Picoult Published: March 9, 2007

Nineteen minutes is a very deep book that goes into bullying and what can happen if it is not stopped. Josie Cormier is the daughter of the judge in an normal New Hampshire town. A huge act of violence happens and she is the best witness for the case. The case was very close to her and brings up many faults in society.

Nineteen minutes is a good book of you understand what is happening. This book is great for late middle school to high school age students. I liked the book because it shows a realistic view of the other side of a school shooting. The shooter has people that loved him too and that the other kids could have caused the shooter to lean toward violence since he was bullied often.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind By: William Kamkwamba Published: 2010

William Kamkwamba was a a young boy born in a country called Malawi in Africa. The people in Malawi had to fight drought and hunger to survive. They were very poor and and very little education. William was interested in windmills and electricity and he dreamed of building a windmill that would bring running water and electricity to his village. William was determined to reach his goal even though he had many things going against him.

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind is a great book for high school students. It is about a kid in Africa who did not have much but he was still determined to do something unique in his village. I think that all high school students should be required to read this book so they will know about William.

Beowulf By: Unknown, Published around 1000 AD

The mighty Beowulf was the fastest and strongest person ever. He did not back down from any challenge and he always won. Beowulf heard of a neighboring land that needed help, so he volunteered to help take out the deadly creature Grendel. Grendel was stronger than any man and would only strike at night. Beowulf promised the king that he would take care of Grendel. Will Beowulf finally meet his match and lose or will he persist on and take out the deadly Grendel and any other challenges that may come along the way?

Beowulf is a great poem and is a classic story. I really enjoyed Beowulf because it reminds me of my childhood when you think that anything is possible.

The Tell-Tale Heart By: Edgar Allen Poe Published: 1843

The narrator lives with this old man that he loves but the old man has an eye that freaks him out. The old man goes into his room for seven straight nights and checks on him, looking for the eye, but the old man is asleep so he eye is shut and the narrator believes he cannot kill him. On the eight night the old man is awake and the narrator sees the eye. The narrator rushes in there and kills the old man and hides his body. The police come and start questioning him. Will the narrator surrender and tell the police he killed the old man?

I liked The Tell- Tale Heart because it shows that evil actions will eventually eat away at someone and the truth will come out.

Fallen Angels By: Walter Dean Myers, Published: 1988

Richie Perry a seventeen year old kid who just graduated high school decides to sign up for the military. He is sent to fight in Vietnam and along the way he meets Peewee, Lobel, Johnson, and Brunner. They all come from different backgrounds ans have different motives but that all share one goal. They wanted to make it out of Vietnam alive.

Fallen Angels was a great book and helped the reader understand just how nasty the Vietnam War was. Many of our grandparents was in the war so it helps us understand what they went through.

To Kill a Mockingbird By: Harper Lee, Published: 1960

Scout Finch is a 6 year old girl that lives in Maycomb, Alabama. Her father is lawyer, which decided to defend a black man during racially tense times. Scout and her older brother Jem had to deal with many things such as racism and stereotyping. They were bullied just because there father represented a black man that was charged for a rape that he did not commit.

This book shows how bad racial issues were back in the day. It seems crazy how people acted back then to blacks and to people that supported blacks.

A Long Way Gone By: Ishmael Beah, Published: 2007

Ishmael Beah was a child soldier that fled from a rebel attack. He wondered around until eventually being picked up by the government army. Ishmael was forced to do some terrible acts that he did not know he was capable of committing. He eventually was released and sent to a UNICEF rehabilitation center, where he struggled to return back to normal.

A Long Way Gone was a great book that described how some children had to go through ridiculous things that no child should ever have to go through. It makes you realize how good we actually have it in America.

The Great Gatsby By: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Published: 1925

Nick Carraway a a bond salesman rents a small house next to a mansion owned by Jay Gatsby. Gatsby becomes good friends with Nick and wants Nick to set him up with Nick's cousin Daisy. Daisy is married to Tom which has a mistress of his own named Myrtle. Eventually Tom learns that Daisy is in love with Gatsby and Nick learns that Tom has another mistress. Read to find out all the interesting and crazy thing that happen.

The Great Gatsby showed that being rich did not make you happy and actually gave you more problems. This book was very confusing with all the things that were happening, but eventually made since at the end.