Fifth Grade Fabulousness

If the pod is rockin'...

Job #1 - determine roles: time keeper, mover-alonger, note-taker, researcher

Job #2 - QUICK housekeeping...what do we NEED to know about next week...meetings? Data? Review of Hawk Happenings. 2 MINUTES

  • Holocaust Museum - March dates already taken: April 11, 12, 15...other dates are during testing...Monica will request Friday, April 15th. Stone Mountain never returned our call requesting a date. **No reply from Museum people yet.**

1) Kid Spotlight - everyone share a success story (no matter how small) 5 MINUTES

  • Gaye - Cristian - self-awareness, wanted to resign from Hawk News so he could come in in the morning to read instead & new student (non-English speaker) able to answer questions re: read aloud
  • Judi - Jessie (new student) doing well in long division, remembered algorithm from old school
  • Monica - Hadrian is understanding cells (liked the food activity)
  • Angie - Diego (new student) & Ja'nice (new student) - both adjusting well
  • Jen - Alex T - working hard, reading outside of school, active on Edmodo

2) Curriculum Check-in - everyone share one standard you're currently working on 5 MINUTES

  • Monica - algebra
  • Judi - multiplying fractions
  • Gaye - division of fractions
  • Angie - WW2 w/ Jarrard's HR, main idea/summarizing
  • Jen - WW2 w/ Souther's HR, narrative prompts

3) Assessments - everyone share one assessment that you'll be using in the near future 5 MINUTES

  • Jen - narrative mini-units
  • Gaye - narrative mini-units
  • Angie - narrative mini-units
  • Judi - no major assessments
  • Monica - no major assessments

4) Dynamic Data - everyone share one way you've collected/tackled some data 5 MINUTES

  • Judi -
  • Jen -
  • Gaye - IRAs trickling in...improved since the fall
  • Monica -
  • Angie - IRAs trickling in...students performing much better than in the fall

6) Tech Q&A - Everyone share a favorite tech tool that's helpful for teachers and/or students. 5 MINUTES

  • NewsELA - free site that offers tons of nonfiction articles, each one published at three different Lexile levels. Higher level membership offers quizzes - not sure of the cost.