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Team Newsletter - Week of 10/12

Pop Up Prep - You've done the work to secure a pop up, make sure it's successfull!

Don't just go and wing it! Get involved and make sure your attendance will be good.

  • 5 days before, ask your hostess how the RSVPs are looking.
  • Ask your hostess to personally reach out to those she hasn't heard from.
  • Ask your hostess to fill out a wish list so she is motivated to increase her jewelry credits.
  • Have you practiced your 3 minute speech? Which convertible piece have you chosen to demonstrate when you have their attention?
  • Ask hostess to have food in the same room as your set up.
  • Have your hostess help by wearing her favorite pieces and helping her friends pick out their favorites.
  • Check in at check out! Up-sell to $100 free shipping and ask everyone one by one to host a holiday pop up and refer to the hostess incentives graphic which be placed at check out.

Pop Up Follow Up - It's not over yet! You should have a goal to get at least 3 outside orders after the pop up happens!

Why settle? There will definitely be people who couldn't attend last minute because of sick kids, babysitting issues, etc. Just because they weren't there, doesn't mean your hostess needs to forget about them.

  • Send an email to the hostess that she can forward to her guests who did not attend with the pop up link, top 3 most popular items at the event, and share when you plan to "close" out the pop up. Share how close your hostess is to her next incentive level.
  • Follow up with those who were interested in hosting a pop up with 3 dates and the hostess incentive graphic.
  • Let your hostess know how close she is to the next incentive level or credit so she is motivated to help you follow up.
  • Send hand written thank you cards with your business card inserted and maybe even add a insert that shows how to care for the jewelry.
  • Publicly share on Facebook how well your last hostess did and all the jewels she earned for free.

Amazing info at your fingertips in the Merch Perch. Check it out!

What do you think of the new Merch Perch!? The new community where we can find everything we need! Check out this article with expert tips for popping up

And also, Have you invited your Plus One to be on our team this month? Did you hear the news? You and the person you invite each get this free set of jewelry and you are on your way to a $50 cash bonus once your plus one earns $500 in sales as a new merchandiser!! How exciting!!

Sparkle for a Cause

DON'T FORGET THAT THIS IS THE ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER!!! Get loud and let everyone know that C+I is donating 10% of proceeds. I've even offered to donate 10% to match the donation... something to think about that might help you secure additional pop ups.
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The Atlas Collection is 2die4!!!

If you haven't invested in this collection, you should. It is so gorgeous in person and goes with everything! Most women have a lot of black in their closets and this collection will become a staple in their accessory wardrobe!

Will YOU Be on the October Wall of Fame?

Once you reach $500 in sales, you will be added to the Wall of Fame. We will do 2 raffles to win fun prizes. The first raffle will be held on Friday, the 16th and the other one will be held on Friday the 30th. Get your sales up to $500 to earn a spot on the wall before the 16th to get in on the first raffle.
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Icarus, Melissa and Barbara, I need for you to friend request me on Facebook so I can add you to our team page and the national Chloe and Isabel page. There are many benefits to being part of those pages that include being in the know, ideas, Q&A, and connections with other C+I merchandisers.

Also, for all of you, If you haven't already done so, which is most of you, please make sure you set up a call with me so I can help you get started in your C+I journey. I am here to support you so please use me. ( : Here is my timetrade:

Here is the link to the training calls for the week:

Hop on those training calls! Look at these stats:

Those who completed Getting Set Up For Success: average sales of $990
Those who didn't attend the call: average sales of $575

Those who completed Pop Up Formula 4 Success: average sales of $943
Those who didn't attend the call: average sales of $576