The Power of Perseverance

Haley Neiman


" You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it." -Maya Angelou

This quote is a good definition of perseverance because it shows resilience which is one of the most important things you need to have to persevere. It means that adversities may help you become stronger and be able to withstand more hardships. These hardships and adversities can help build you up to achieve a goal with more fire and be determined to reach it.

The Life of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had a dream of becoming a professional baseball player. He worked hard, trained hard and wanted nothing more. But the only problem is that he was African American. This was a problem because around the time of the 1950s, people thought it was wrong for black people to play professional baseball. Since Jackie Robinson was African American, he had to face racial judgments and insults. He faced other adversities but this one was important to his story. In the article Jackie Robinson's Greatness, it says " At 28, with World War II service in the Army behind him, Robinson was mature and tough enough to withstand the taunts of racist fans and opposing players." This shows that Jackie Robinson was not going to yield and stop playing baseball because of some comments, he wanted to prove a point. It does not matter the color of your skin to play a sport. If you are good enough to play a professional sport then it shouldn't matter your skin color. Also in the article, Jackie Robinson's Greatness, it says, " He let his batting and base running speak for him-- and they spoke eloquently." This proves that your skin color shouldn't decide whether you belong on a professional sports team or not. People on the other teams made fun of him as well as the people in the stands. These racial insults hurt Robinson, but he wanted to pursue baseball. This just shows that the power of perseverance can drive you as far as you want to go. If you want something you can get it and you don't need to base it off of what everyone else thinks.

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Jackie Robinson batting on the field

Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram of "Ashes of Roses"

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Winston Churchill's Steps to Success

Winston Churchill always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a member of the Parliament. Churchill spent most of his young life with his nanny but eventually was accepted into a Royal Military College and graduated near the top of his class. But he didn't take things easy, he still worked hard after to get a spot in the Parliament. After graduating, he was given many important government positions which came along with becoming a member of the Parliament and was later rewarded with First Lord of Admiralty, this means he would be in charge of the British Navy. Unfortunately, bad things happened for the British which was all blamed on Churchill, getting him kicked out of the government. But, he still worked very hard to improve himself and get his spot back. He tried other hobbies like writing and painting as well as trying to get back into government. After trying and working he was awarded once again with many important government positions and was given the very important position of Chancellor of the Exchequer in the new Conservative government which he held for about five years. While he was holding his positions he continued to give speeches and paint. For the second time Churchill was asked to be the First Lord of Admiralty. Churchill saved Britain and saved Europe from Nazi domination. After that he continued to be active, doing all of the things he was before. And once more he was asked to lead Britain but this time he suffered from a stroke, which he recovered from eventually. "During his later years, Churchill earned three impressive awards." This line from, Sir Winston Churchill: A Biography of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, shows that Winston Churchill's accomplishments were noticed and appreciated, and he didn't do as much as he did for nothing. After earning many awards he died from a coma. Winston Churchill was kicked out of the government and brought back many times but he always remained resilient until the day of his death.
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Winston Churchill leading the British Army

The Cause That affected Lauren Hill

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Tom Monaghan's Problems and Solutions

Tom Monaghan had a dream, to own the number one pizzeria. Along with this dream came many problems, but some people would just give up because of these problems and wouldn't bother to try and find a solution or continue to follow this goal. " Tom had every reason to make excuses, to fail, to quit. But quit isn't in Tom Monaghan's vocabulary. Persistence is." Tom was so passionate about opening a pizzeria and having it go to number one that he never wanted to make excuses and he always kept his promises. Some problems he faced were not having enough customers, having to manage Domino's on his own after his partner left him, his ex-partner declaring bankruptcy, a fire that wiped out his whole store with insurance only covering a small portion of the damage, and lastly, Tom ran out of money and Domino's was having financial troubles. These kinds of things can not always be fixed but Tom Monaghan found a way. He came up with many different solutions for the different problems he faced. One solution was to keep working. This sounds simple but it worked very well. Tom wasn't sure how things would turn out so he thought to just keep working on making pizzas and keeping all of the ingredients fresh everyday. This did require him to work extra hours but it did pay off. The taste of the pizza always tasted fresh because it was. Everyday he went in early and stayed very late just to make sure that all of the ingredients were ready for the next day. Another thing he did to benefit himself was to pay back every penny he owed to people. This helped the business as well as him. It helped the business because he worked long and hard to make that extra money which helped the business grow. But it also helped his reputation. People thought good things about him because he was such a loyal man who worked very hard and everyone knew it. He also decided to open about a dozen more stores. People noticed his determination and had him come and talk at luncheons. Also, when Tom was elected president he had to travel to all of the stores to keep them up to date. So as a result he started sleeping in his car to reserve time. He didn't really have any belongings that were very important to him so it made it easier to manage the stores. The last solution was continuing to work very hard and creating a reputation. The reputation was " a piping hot pizza at customers door in 30 minutes." This helped the word get around about Domino's. Tom Monaghan had many struggles that most would not be able to handle but Tom had many creative and effective solutions that helped him achieve his goal of having a number one pizzeria.
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Tom Monaghan making pizzas in the beginning of his popular business

Perseverance Lessons

Overall, there are many lessons and notes we can learn off of other peoples perseverance. Some of these things can apply to our own perseverance. The most common lesson learned from all of these stories and people is that bad things are going to happen, people and things will stand in the way of goals and dreams. But it is important to get back up and continue on. Winston Churchill, Jackie Robinson, and Tom Monaghan all had goals and adversities to face. They had to go through extremes and deal with things that some people would not be able to. But that shows how badly they wanted their goals. All of their stories are different but all come out with the same messages. No matter what goal is set, there is a way to reach it and be successful. Setting a goal is one thing but trying to bounce back from adversities is important to reach success.
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Persevering to reach the top and the goal