How Footballs are Made

By: Cal Blakley


The first step in how footballs are made begins at the farm.First cows are tamed.So when they take the cow hides off .They dont freek out.It still hurts them.Infact it hurts them alot.Then it is shiped too the factory.


The next step in the proses takes place at the factory.They make leather to put over the cow hides.Then they put holes on the top for the laces.Then pump it up.The it gets sent to alot of sport stores.


They get shiped to the store.They sell footballs.And peaple buy the footballs.And play football games.And so do the players even at the super bowl.

Fun Facts

About 10,000 years ago acient peaple found out cows are from wild auroehs.


Now you know how footballs are made .Ther are alot of steps.Like 20.Hope you had a good time.
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