Why Did Germany Get Blamed?

Was Germany Really The Start of WWI?

Who Lit The Match?

As you look back into history, Germany is given the heavy toll of being the match that lit the fire for the outbreak of WWI. But which country really did begin this nightmare?

Many countries and their people point fingers to a handful of countries in Europe. Austria, Germany, Russia, you name it. So many factors are brought to surface with this war, so in term; there isn't really any wrong answer.

On the day of June 28th, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (see top right) was assassinated in Sarajevo. A teenage Serbian was the one behind it, and little did anyone know; that this one death would begin the chain reaction leading to World War One.

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A month later, the date of July 28th, 1914, Germany and Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia.

With Russia being holding an alliance to Serbia, Russian troops were brought to head in Serbian direction. On the first day of August, 1914, Germany declares war on Russia. In reality, this wasn't a very good decision. Austria-Hungary and Serbia's conflict hadn't died down; so why bring fuel to the fire?

But no, Germany didn't stop there, oh God no. Why stop there when there's France!

The Germans declared war on France just two days after they did with Russia. Just great, now this investigative country was at war with two huge powers in Europe.

Looking at it from a glance, it wasn't solely Germany who began this war. It was both him, and his allies. Though, Italy didn't have much of anything to do with it. He even left the Triple Alliance, joining the Allied side after all of it.


From A New Perspective

If you look at it from Germany's perspective, he really did push for more momentum in the upbringing of this war. He declared war on two different countries, both of which were allied with each other. It was a marking for disaster, and the country's leaders didn't really think twice on the decision.

From Austria's point of view; this was a local conflict. He was the one who declared war on Serbia, there was no reason for the other countries to get involved. Russia only mobilized his troops; they didn't declare war or anything. Germany did NOT under any circumstances have to distance itself and fight other countries.

In term, Germany was really one of the huge factors that led to this world war. He poured gasoline on this small spark, beginning a huge flame.

The chain reaction that came from this was obviously climactic. At a glance, here's what happened.

July ; Austria-Hungary and Germany declare war on Serbia.

Doesn't seem that bad, right?

August ; Germany takes it's own initiative and declares war on Russia, then France just days afterward. After Germany sets itself off with both Russia and France , Britain sticks up for its allies and declares MORE WAR on Germany. Austria declares war on Russia, which causes Britain and France to declare EVEN MORE WAR on the same country. Japan was at war with Germany, which caused Austria to ALSO be at war with Japan, because of those amazing alliances.

November ; And now there's war on Turkey. Isn't this just lovely? War on top of war, on top of war. But this is diverting from the point. Germany really got the ball rolling into this huge pit of failure. ((All of my metaphors are great aren't they)) Honestly, I do believe that Germany was really a big start. But he wasn't the only one. Other countries decided to bring themselves in, they all contributed to the beginning of this war one way or another.

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