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June 2022 - Farewell Issue

Welcome to our final June issue of The Chomp! Thank you to all who read our monthly newsletters and appreciate our amazing writer's hard work. In this final issue of the 2021-22 school year, Taylor Pomilio, a Gateway Senior, recounts her years in high school and delivers a summer-themed poem, Desmond McCue reports on the developing issue of inflation, we say goodbye to Gateway math teacher, Mrs. Wenner, Leah Storino comments on the best looks at the Met Gala, Jack Keller reports on the Phillies one last time, and Laurel Barrett shares her summer reading list. We hope you enjoy this special issue of the Chomp!

Dear High School // By Taylor Pomilio

Dear High School,

I came to know you four years ago back when I was smaller than I am now. I was a small fish in a big pond and wasn’t sure what I wanted in life. All I know is that you were just a chore for me. I woke up at 6 o’clock and trudged forward to tackle the day. I learned, I grew, and I moved forward. Sure, there were times when I didn’t want to go, but there were also days when I couldn’t wait to come back. You still stood there unwavering and ready for the next day.

In my first year, you really tested me. I had to do things I had never done before. The work was difficult and the people were sometimes challenging to work with. We had our ups and downs and sometimes we were at a stand still. The good times were spent together with friends and families, crying, laughing, and experiencing so many things together. There were times when I hated you and there were times when you were the only thing on my mind.

The things I did and the people I met because of you have shaped me into the person I am today. You taught me lessons like how to be responsible and stay organized when others were not and how to respect authority but still stand up for what I believed in. High school introduced me to various students and staff from differing backgrounds where I had to work with people I didn’t always mesh with. From these experiences I learned that it’s okay not to get along with everyone and not everyone has to like you.

As I get ready to graduate I leave this advice: your high school years only last for so long, so join that club or sport, sing in the choir, and play in the band. Do the things that YOU want to do. For those struggling with high school, I remind you it’s almost over, and soon those struggles will fade away.

So to you, high school, it’s time for me to move on. Thank you and goodbye,

-Taylor Pomilio

Senior 2022

Inflation - The Highest it has Ever Been // By Desmond McCue

Over the past year, especially the past few months, you may have heard people complaining about the increase in prices more than ever. You might hear your parents or older siblings complaining about the increase in gas prices. You may have also heard that Dollar Tree recently raised their prices from $1 to $1.25. What is going on and why is this happening?

What is occurring is inflation. Inflation is when prices increase and currency decreases in value. Every year, inflation occurs, but it is usually a normal controlled process that isn’t very noticeable. The average inflation rate is about 4 percent, but over the past year, it has doubled. There are multiple reasons why the rate of inflation has doubled over the past year.

A few of the reasons have to do with China. In China, they are still under lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As many products in the U.S are made in China, the prices of many goods have to be driven up in order for them to make a profit. Another reason is that in the U.S there is a labor shortage, meaning that companies have to pay the workers they do have more. This drives up the prices of goods as people supposedly have more money to spend on them.

Another reason has to do with the stimulus checks that the government gave out. People spent them, putting more money into the economy and driving up prices. One more reason is that the government printed more money, which also drove up prices. Also, as you know, the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine. This drove up oil prices, which led to the exorbitant high gas prices we have today.

These are all just some of the reasons why everything is more expensive nowadays. From $1.25 Dollar Tree and gas prices as high ever to a current labor shortage, everything is more expensive than ever. It will be interesting to see how these extraordinary price increases develop in the coming months and how inflation rates fluctuate in future years.

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Summer Strawberries // by Taylor Pomilio

Kids chasing each other

Laugher and screams fill the air

As the hot sun beats down on the kids in the park

A single strawberry stands out

There it sits perfectly blushed

Perfectly ripe

It’s the red you find on ladybugs

The flavorful strawberry feels cool against the hands of sweating children

A bite is taken

The sweet juice drips downs their faces

The kids close their eyes as to savor the moment

A strawberry in the summertime

A Brain Break by Ms. Powell Brought to You by Andy!

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You all know the nutty, slightly cat-crazed, witty Ms. Powell, but we bet you don't know her new office mate! Meet ANDY! Andy has been one of Mrs. Wenner's most prized classroom Gators, and he will resume his resident Gator status in Guidance with Ms. Powell.

Having a bad day? No fear--Andy is here! Visit Ms. Powell and her ever-so-handsome side-kick! He plans to wow you not just with his softness but also with his chic wardrobe, which will match every season and special Gator event in the Swamp. For right now, he is happy in his mask, preferring to exude an air of mystery, ya know, until he gets to know everyone better.

Next school year we will regularly feature Andy and his marvelous human, of course, and together they will share not only their stylish ensembles but also some great advice that will guide us Gators!

Goodbye, Mrs. Wenner! // By Laurel Barrett

One of Gateway’s most awesome math teachers, Mrs. Wenner, is retiring this year after twenty amazing years at Gateway. The Gateway community will miss her, but she very much deserves a break.

Prior to working at Gateway, Mrs. Wenner taught for seven years at Buena High school preceding the eight years she took off to be at home with her young children. She currently teaches Pre-Calc, Honors Pre-Calc, Honors Calculus, AB Calculus, and BC Calculus at Gateway. During her time at here, Mrs. Wenner taught many different topics in math. When asked which one was her favorite, she said that Calculus was her favorite to teach. All of her students love her and her amazing gator-filled room! Speaking of her epic gator-filled room, Mrs. Wenner says that her favorite gator decorations are the stuffed gator wearing her son’s Homecoming crown and her gator that doubles as a lunchbox! Check out Andy, the gator she passed on to Ms. Powell in her office!

When asked if she has enjoyed her time at Gateway, she responded saying that she loved her time at Gateway and felt that everyone in the school and the surrounding community treated everyone like family. She recalls everyone being very kind and giving and always helping those in need. She also likes that Gateway is a very student-centered school with many opportunities and leadership positions for the students to partake in.

While Mrs. Wenner has had many memorable experiences during her time at Gateway, one specific memory she recalls is when her necklace caught on fire during one of her lessons! She remembers showing her class something near the projector and seeing her hanging necklace start to spark. Believe it or not, she still has the singed necklace today! Mrs. Wenner also has fond memories of some of her calculus students writing a calculus musical for their final one year. She loves when her students are creative and think outside the box!

For the students that Mrs. Wenner has taught in the past or for those who haven’t had the pleasure of being in her class, she reminds them to always give any task they tackle their all. For those who are doubting their abilities or are worried about disappointing others, she says, “As long as you are doing your best, your best is enough to make me proud.” Even though Mrs. Wenner is retiring this year, she wants to remind all of her former students and those who are soon taking a form of calculus to subscribe to her YouTube channel! She has over 170 videos on her channel, Julie Wenner, where she explains different topics in Calculus. She recorded these videos during the pandemic to help her current and future students.

When asked what she will miss most about Gateway, Mrs. Wenner said that she will miss her students, who she loves like children, the most. She said that she loves all of her students and looks forward to hearing their ideas and helping them learn everyday. As for her plans for retirement, Mrs. Wenner looks forward to traveling and spending time at the beach. She stated, “I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me and I hope to make a difference in this new stage of my life.” We wish Mrs. Wenner luck in her future endeavors and want her to know that she has already made such a big difference at Gateway!

Mrs. Wenner's YouTube channel! ->

Summer Reading // By Laurel Barrett

As all of The Chomp’s readers probably know, I love to read! I contributed a book review almost every edition, usually on my favorite memoir of the month. As the summer approaches and fellow readers are planning their summer reading lists, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to include my own summer reading list in our final June issue of The Chomp! Listed below are short synopsis summaries of some of the books I plan to read this summer. Enjoy!

- The Liar’s Club by Mary Karr (currently reading)- In this funny and powerful memoir, Mary Karr recounts her eventful childhood at home with her eccentric mother and sometimes unstable father. She relives the wild events of her childhood while maintaining a hilarious and optimistic point of view

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- Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom - Mitch Albom reconciles with his former professor, Morrie Schwartz, who is suffering from ALS, visiting him every Tuesday. Mitch learns wise and important life lessons from the person he least expected that will stick with him for the rest of his life.

- The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom - After 83 year old Eddie dies tragically on his birthday saving a young girl, he awakens in the afterlife where he meets five people that take Eddie back through different points of his life while explaining his purpose on Earth.

- Blue Nights and The White Album by Joan Didion - In one of many powerful publications by Joan Didion, Blue Nights, examines Didion's fears and hesitations in her tragic life as a widowed wife and bereaved mother. In, The White Album, Didion recounts her life in the 60's and comments on the many societal and political events that occurred, many of which shaping the world today. I have read quite a few of Joan Didion’s books and essays, and I recommend them all!

- A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain - In one of Twain’s many classics, deemed one of the greatest satires in the history of American literature, main character Hank Morgan is struck on the head and is carried back in time to Britain at the time of the Dark Ages where he is determined to modernize the country up to the standards of the 19th century, which of course will not go smoothly. This is one of the first pieces of literature to reference the possibility of time travel and the realistic shortcomings that would come along with it.

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I can’t wait to finish these books this summer! Some other books I’m excited to read are, A Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens and 1984, by George Orwell. I hope you all find a book you enjoy this summer and meet your reading goals! Happy Reading!

Best Looks at the Met Gala // By Leah Storino

As you may have heard, stars lined the carpets at the Met Gala on May 2nd. The Met Gala is fashion's biggest night of the year. Every year on the first Monday in May, celebrities, designers, and popular stars come to this event to showcase their most intriguing looks. Hosted by Vogue, those invited are given a theme to follow. This year's theme was “gilded glamour”. In simpler terms, “gilded glamour” is basically an early 1900's ball aesthetic. You may think corsets, fur, feathers, beautiful long dresses and fashion that reminds you of the Victorian Era. Although I anticipated the fashion to stick to the theme a little bit more, I reflected back on my favorite looks of the night.

To begin, Billie Eilish gave us a gorgeous look that totally reminded me of the show, Bridgerton. Billie wore a Gucci, silk dress with a corset that had a big flower on the front, and green lace sleeves. It looked like something Marie Antoinette would have adored. I believe this was one of the most favored looks of the evening and the reason is clear.

Next, Cynthia Erivo wore a beautiful white lace dress with a headscarf. The bottom of the dress also had feathers on it. I love how she added a gold necklace with it too. She explained to Vogue that her headscarf was “inspired by women of Louisiana from the 1800's, who had to cover their hair for necessity”.

Next, Claire Danes came out wearing an elegant, yellowish white dress with lace on the top and ruffles on the bottom with a black netted veil. This dress perfectly reminds me of old Hollywood. It's gorgeous and a clear classic like something Marilyn Monroe would consider wearing. Speaking of Marilyn Monroe..

I of course have to commend Kim Kardashian’s iconic Marilyn Monroe look. Ms. Kardashian wore Monroe’s, “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress when walking the carpet. This dress is a tight, tan sparkly dress which she accompanied with a white coat. I think this dress was fabulous. When she got inside, she changed into a copy of this dress in order to keep this $4.8 million dollar dress safe.

The last dress, which is my favorite, was Blake Lively’s dress. She wore a Versace dress, which transformed from pink to blue! Definitely channeling that one Sleeping Beauty scene. When she arrived, it was originally a pink dress that was draped in the front, but on the carpet, in just a few seconds, she unwrapped the drape and her dress was now blue. I think we can agree that this is everyone's dream dress right out of a fairy tale.
While the stars that participated in this year's Met Gala didn't exactly follow the theme as we thought they would, there were many memorable looks this year. The Met Gala is a fun annual even where fashion enthusiasts can see what their favorite celebrities are wearing and even gain some inspiration! We can't wait to see what everyone has in store next year!

Final Philadelphia Sports Recap // By Jack Keller

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Before the 2021-2022 school year ends, I want to provide a final update about the Philadelphia sports teams!

The Philadelphia 76ers unfortunately lost against Miami Heat in the conference Semifinals of the National Basketball Association tournament. Although the 76ers didn’t win against Miami, they had a great season!

The Philadelphia Phillies were not looking for the start that they were looking for with a record of 21-24 in the first 45 games. They are currently 2nd in their division with the New York Mets ahead of them by 7 games. Although there are still a lot of games to be played, the Phillies have to start scoring more runs and winning more games if they want to make it to the playoffs.

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed some good players after the National Football League Draft. One of them was a former Panthers member and Giants Cornerback, James Bradberry. He has done really well in his career with good stats including 15 interceptions and 303 solo tackles in his career. He will be a great asset to the Eagle’s Secondary.

Enjoy the rest of the school year and summer and remember to keep tabs on your favorite local sports teams!

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We hope you enjoyed the June issue of The Chomp! Above is a picture of the majority of our staff: Jack Patrick, Laurel Barrett, Jack Keller, Taylor Pomilio, Desmond McCue, Andrea Mistichelli, Ava Hojnowski, our advisor, Ms. Barrett and Lily Hoppe and Leah Storino (not pictured). We hope you have a wonderful summer and hope to see you back for our September issue next fall! Thank you and have a great summer!


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