Communication Process

Basketball and Community examples

Communicator Example

A man is trying to talk on the phone with his wife about getting a new house. His baby is constantly crying , making it hard to understand. . Through the endeavor the wife agrees they should purchase a new house. The man is the sender, the message is the subject of getting a new house, and the wife is the receiver. The feed back is the decision that the wife gives to the husband, that they will buy a new house, and the interference is the baby crying.

Basketball Example

Rick Carlisle is trying to give the play to Rajon Rondo. The crowd is buzzing as it is hard for Rondo to hear. Despite this he gives a nod to Carlisle. The sender is Carlisle, the message is the play, and the receiver is Rondo. The feedback is Rondo's nod to the coach, and the interference is the crowd's yelling.

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