Angry Birds Mini-Project

Abhinav Soma

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Which Birds Hit the Pigs?

According to this graph the Black and Yellow Bird Hit the Pigs. The Black Bird hits the Mustache Pig when its descend to the ground after it hit its maximum height. The Yellow Bird which is represented as the Orange Parabola hit the King Pig after it hit its maximum point.

Which Bird Flew the Farthest?

The Yellow Bird and the Red Bird Flew the Longest with 24 yards than came the Blue Bird with 22 yards and last but not least at last place the Black Bird that traveled 13 yards

Which Birds Soared the Highest?

First came the Yellow Bird that soared 36 feet than came the Black Bird which soared 25 feet than the Blue Bird which soared 22 feet and last but not least is Red Bird that soared 15 feet.