Doug Flutie

The Little Man that Played Big

Background Info

Doug Flutie was born on October 23, 1962 in Manchester Maryland. Once Doug was done growing he was only 5'9 and 3/4 which is a decent height for an average man, but a extremely small height for a Quarterback. Everybody thought he wasn't good enough because of his height and Doug wanted to prove them wrong. Doug attended Natick High School. There Doug played football and got an football scholarship to Boston College. After college Doug was good enough to play football but not for the NFL, so Doug went to the USFL, the CFL, and then the NFL.


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Doug attended Boston College from 1981-1984. When Flutie arrived, he was the number 9 quarterback on the depth chart. Doug worked his way up to the number two QB before he got his chance. One game Boston College was playing Penn State and was getting destroyed so the coach put in Flutie. Although they didn't win, Doug did really good and earned the starting job. Doug would go on to have an amazing and exciting college football career. Doug would win the Heisman Trophy in 1984 and then would make one of the greatest college football plays ever agents Miami to win with time running out. Miami was lead by future Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar.
Flutie's Miracle in Miami


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After College Flutie went the the New Jersey Generals, a USFL (United States Football League) team. .Flutie did outstanding there so he attracted the attention of the NFL. Just a fun fact, when Doug signed with the Generals, Donald Trump was the owner of the team

1st Time In The NFL

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After leaving the Generals, Doug signed with the latest Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears (Top picture). Doug was signed to be a backup to the banged up star quarterback Jim McMahon. Doug got his first start in the Bears last regular season game. Doug won and was told that he would also start two weeks later in the Bears playoff game agenst the Redskins. Doug in this game did not do so good. He only completed 11/31 passes and threw 2 interceptions. After that Doug was traded to the New England Patriots. Doug started throughout the regular season and won 6 of his 9 starts. With one game left to win to make it to the playoffs, the coaches wanted to be more explosive going into the playoffs so Doug got benched. The next game the Patriots only scored 10 points and missed the playoffs. Next offseason Doug was told that he was cut from the team and that the NFL had labeled him as a backup quarterback so Doug found a new home elsewhere.


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With a rough start with the NFL Doug decided to go to the CFL (Canadian Football League). Doug first signed with the British Columbia Lions. Doug had a rough first season but thats the only time that would happen for Doug in the CFL. After two years of being in British Columbia Doug signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Calgary Stampeders (He left BC for more money). Doug had a spectacular first season in the CFL by taking the Stampeders to the Grey Cup (The Canadian version of the Super Bowl) but coming up short and losing . In his second season, Flutie won his first Grey Cup. After winning the Grey Cup things were different in the CFL. The Calgary Stampeders had money problems and couldn't pay Doug as much as he was worth so Doug left and signed with the Toronto Argonauts. There Flutie won two more Grey Cups. In his CFL career Doug played in 4 Grey Cups, won most outstanding player (MVP) six times, is in the CFL Hall Of Fame and was named the greatest player of all time by TSN.

2nd Time in the NFL

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After Flutes spectacular CFL career, Doug thought that he was done and was time to retire when the Buffalo Bills wanted to sign him so Doug took the offer and signed with the Bills. Doug lost in the competition for the starting job to Rob Johnson. During week one Rob Johnson got hurt and Doug got to play. Doug came in and did his thing and lead the Bills to a win. Doug got to start the rest of the season. That year Doug was awarded with Pro Bowl honors and the award for comeback player of the year. The Bills had a playoff spot all locked up with one week left to go in the season so the coaching staff decided to have Doug sit out and rest for the playoffs. During the game Flutie sat out, Rob Johnson had a spectacular day. The coaching staff were impressed and let Rob Johnson play in the playoffs. Rob Johnson didn't do so well but the team did outstanding so the Bills had a lead with less than 20 seconds to go when the Tennessee Titans returned a kick for a touchdown to win. After that Doug went to the San Diego Chargers because Doug thought it was a team that actually wanted him at the control. Doug had a good season in San Diego but he was mentoring the Chargers rookie quarterback who is now a star, Drew Brees. After Brees took over the starting job in San Diego, Doug returned to New England. Doug was brought there as a backup and mentor to who is debatibly the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. Doug was ready to retire so to send him off with a bang. To do this they had Doug do a drop kick field goal, which was good.

Football Career Recap

"I said I could do it, theres no real application for it but i could do it" - Doug Flutie

I really like this quote because he is 100% right. Theres no specific rules on why you cant do something that you love and thats what Doug did. Everybody told him that he was to short to be a quarterback and look what he did. He had a 21 year career, he played in 3 professional leagues, played in two countries, was named the greatest player of all time in the CFL, is in the CFL Hall of Fame, won 3 Grey Cups (championships) , and played for 8 different teams. I'd call that a pretty successful career. Doug Flutie isn't done yet. He is still a very active person today and here's what he does.

Where he is today

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Doug is currently living in Massachusetts with his family. He lives with is wife Laurie, his son Doug Jr, and his Daughter Alexa. His son has autism and the Fluties have a whole organization dedicated to people with autism.

Charity Work

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The Fluties are doing such a good thing with the Doug Flutie Jr foundation. They have been doing this for about 15 years and they have raised over 15 million dollars. Its still going really good today and heres a link to the website. . Besides this Doug is still a very active person.

Hobbies Today

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Doug still has a lot of hobbies today. He loves playing baseball. He playes in an adult league. He plays the drums in his very own band, The Flutie Brothers Band. He likes to go paddle boarding. And he is going to be on Dancing With The Stars very soon. So Doug Flutie had a spectacular career and is still living an amazing life now.


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By: Zach Swan