LV Technology

By:Chloe Prevost

Typing Web

- The first five minutes of class we type on Typing Web

- To get a good grade you have to be past Intermediate typing

- My words per minute have increased from using Typing Web


-During coding we played and tried out games

-You had to be past stage 8-9 to get a 4

-Each stage was different and had different games to test out games


-Pick an event that is coming up or has past to make an iTrailer (Some people did themselves)

-Gather photos on the event you picked

-Put photos in iTrailer and add your text in to complete your iTrailer

Haiku Deck

-Pick your dream job

-Create your presentation on your dream job

-You need at least 10 slides in your presentation

Explain Everything

-Mrs. Myers gave us 10 problems and you pick a math problem to solve

-You explain how to set up your problem and how to solve it on Explain Everything

-Wile you are explaining how you solved your problem you record your self telling how to solve your math problem

Career Locker

-Mrs. VandenBoogaard came in for 5 classes to help us find our interests in our dream job

-We spent times reaching collages and tuition funds

-We all have our dream job in our minds now