Mixed Economy

Why It's The Best

Introduction - Why You Want It

With mixed economy, you have a chance of owning a business not owned by the government. It also is a combination of free enterprise, command, and socialist economy, so you get the best of all three.

The Facts - How it Works

The mixed economy consists of some businesses owned by the government, and others privately owned. People buy and sell items through methods such as supply and demand. In a mixed economy, workers are paid depending on how long and hard they work. So, if you are a hard worker with low pay, mixed economy is the way to go.


Economics & Government : What Is a Mixed Economy?

Refutations - The Dark Side

    • - Government control is supported more than individual freedom.
    • - Mixed economy is most commonly associated with social democratic parties.
    • - Social democracy has abandoned socialism and has become, in effect, a liberal capitalist movement.
    • - Any attempt to suppress the economic contradictions of capitalism would only cause them to emerge elsewhere.

Conclusion - Wrapping Things Up

To cut it short, although you have some downsides about mixed economy, it is overall the best. Look at America and how far it's gotten, all thanks to mixed economy.
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