Newsletter with important updates


The payroll team is planning to phase out sodexos and replace them with food cards that can be accepted on any store that takes a VISA card.

How to get the card :

The cards will be free and distributed in the coming weeks.The process is to "fill the HDFC application form" I have attached and then wait for 5 working days for the card to be processed.After this the card details have to be updated on GESS and on your salary day the "INR 3000" will also be credited to the card.

*I have attached a FAQ template it has more information regarding this*


The health domiciliary has been increased to "INR 6000".This is already effective and you can make claims if you had reached your "INR 5000" limit.


There are courses you can take on Ultimatix for free.I have attached the courses focused on leadership and soft skills since I think they are relevant for everyone.

COMING UP .......

HR event Think Campus,Electronic City

Thato and the HR team are working on an amazing event for engaging the ACE Program in June.The event will be a good platform for us to engage with the other associates through sharing our cultures,experiences as well as intelligent conversations on different topics.


I will be leaving for Mumbai for the annual coordinators meeting from the 12th to the 15th of May.Drop any urgent things to my mail.

ACE Bangalore Experience Blog

We need stories both good and bad about your internship experiences.

The blog will be launched next week.It will feature stories and photos of events happening in the week.

ACE Bangalore App

This is an app that will mainly feature the "what/how/where/what if/chat system".It will basically show what to do in Bangalore,places to go to visit/eat within Bangalore,hospitals to go to if you are sick,how to get to the FRRO office,getting a cab from the airport for a new intern as well as a chat room for ACErs to talk.


*Mariia for inviting us for pancakes*

*Manoel and Albert for helping Bussolo and Aleix hunt for a house respectively*

*Ieegviniy Malinskyi for accepting to come to India :D*